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Battle Strike Force cheat world: welcome to the resistance, kid! We are in dire need of new recruits to fight the iron order. Let's get started. We're heard rumors of an iron order base not far from here. Send a scout plane out into that fog. Take down those iron Order scrumbags before they gain a foothold in the region. Now liberate the base and see what rewards you find.

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Base of operations - it ain't much now, but over time, you'll make it shine. Always collect your base's resources. There are iron order spies everywhere that might steal them. Every soldier is critical to the resistance. Build a new militia complex to train more troops. Upgrade to increase the level and power of new militia contract troops.

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CHapter: 1 - the iron order has staged an assault on the ardent legion, a loose faction that lives in family oriented clans across the frozen tundra. Mary, a headstrong ardent legion soldier, asks for the resistance's aid in staving off the attack. 2 - You've liberated one base, but now the iron order has sunk to attacking innocent civilians. Save them before it's too late.

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YOur command center is the heart of your base. Upgrade it often to access additional building types and levels. Now, get ready to receive communications for the war effort. Troops: APC m113 - front line troop vehicle with well rounded health and damage. It's best not to rush headlong into battle until your heroes are fully prepared.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: The enemy will only keep getting stronger. You'll also need to train your soldiers to crush the iron order. Level up Mary's battle power by applying experience buffs. Congrats on learning the basics. You've got two more missions before you set Mary's people free. Complete them to recruit a new Hero.

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Tutorial (wiki): we're almost ready for the main event, but first, we gotta take out the iron order arsenal supplying the siege. Descruption: control the world; destroy your enemies; collect elite heroes; strategize for victory; resist the order.

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