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1. vEymgB4bw5 - rune
2. BcnxpV5NUe - skin
3. I6ZTs2fQsc - energy
4. XBYuzlvAMy - artifact
Hi commander, the pilot is ready, waiting to be assigned to a combat unit. Use super cube code - our first unit. I look forward to testing your performance in battle. Touch an enemy to attack him. Resist, the reinforcements are on the way. You have a special ability available, use it. Battle reward - cube, with the new cube that we just got, we can create another hero.

Battle Tanks World at War hack

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Missions - here you can see your units that will fight in the battle, the enemies and also the possible rewards. Skills:
Fire rain - shoots two fireballs to the enemy. Inflicts continuous damage for 2 turns with a chance.
Launch missiles - shoots several fire missiles increasing your attack with a 15% chance.
Missiles rain - hits the enemy reducing the target’s defense for 2 turns.
Torpedoes - hits an opponent with a rain of torpedoes, it has a chance to stun the enemy.

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1. 3xI4w94nH1 - level up
2. 6I5s4fZsor - voucher
3. k4lkn3wHYr - shard
4. vrOcJMEMyN - new mode
5. yn8gRzU4to - tokens

Battle Tanks World at War hack month card
Voltage - this is a low power soldier, so you can dismantle it to upgrade heroes. Angar - here you can power-up and enhance your unit’s skills and tier. Select the hero you want to power up and use a cheat. To enhance skills you need to use as a power up material a equal units.
Battle Tanks World at War wiki
Power up: laser - launches a laser ray at the enemy and removes all buff effects. The world is in danger, and you're the only that can lead the tank team. All the weight of the world of the tanks is on your shoulders so play to Battle Tanks: World at war, strategy RPG, the best war robots game for free and start now and see your tank team fighting!

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1 Xkin8YkX6B upgrade
2 3EnIqe7bjH gem crystal
3 L5rudxtWhj credits
4 7aNSOjTT3D promo code
5 TLMQQa1cOM gift box
6 og5QSJBb0s gold coins
7 XQ61yJ7lA9 month card
8 UhW2djkV4S premium pack
9 qJUAjb7w0N super cube
10 mdDTXdIl1w vip ticket
11 mpgvdXoUHf fragments

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Collect tokens to create specific units.
  • Equip and upgrade nanochips to make your units invincible.
  • Daily combat and new mode quests - unlock them and upgrade your troops, robots, heroes and planes.
  • Upgrade your skills with cheats and secret tanks, combat against your opponents, and be a commander in this strategic game.

Battle Tanks World at War tips
Hack cheats tutorial Battle Tanks World at War(wiki):
Heroes: Cloudrunner - the loyalty of Cassandra joins the speed of Cloudrunner to form this perfect tandem.
Overwheels - agile and versatile unit, but weak in battle. Its components are very valuable as fusion material.
Voltage - Korben and Stormrunner are a good defensive team.
Havoc - the incredible improvements that Alena has made in Havoc make him a worthy adversary.
Gunstream - the powerful resistance of Doublebuster is very useful in the defensive line. Beware of your ultrasonic shot.
Retrocharge - repair and support unit essential in any battle.
Battle Tanks World at War tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Battle Tanks World at War: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, credits.

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