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Free hack Battle Tanks cheats code list - decal, camouflage, gold, promo ticket, fuel, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Battle Tanks cheat world: sergeant, it is a real fight, no time to hang around in the tutorial. Look around and evaluate the situation. Have you driven one before? Move to the given point. Your tank was damaged by the explosion. Use the repair kit to patch it up. Use the shoot button to shoot at the enemies. Tanks have armored zones, the thicker the armor is, the less damage is dealt. Use optical sight to improve your aim.

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You’ll need shells in the battle. Excellent shells will come in handy. Upgrading your vehicle is a very important step of preparations to battle. It’s time to upgrade your tank. Remember, higher upgrades brings higher powers to your vehicle. Don’t foget always upgrade your tanks. Focus your attention on special equipment, it will be very helpful for you in the battle. Buy your first special equipment. Don’t worry if it won’t be useful for you, you will be always able to sell it.

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Medium tanks earn more experience than light tanks and more silver than heavy tanks. Napalm core -set foes on fire to 10 seconds and takes away 1% of health in a second. Repair kit - fixe problems in the engine and rotating mechanisms. Fire extinguisher - extinguish fire, restore 90 seconds. Improved fuel - increase tank speed by 50%.

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Congratulation with battle tanks hack installation! Welcome to our community! Receive gold from us as a gift! DOn’t forget to upgrade your tank and install modules on it! Upgrade tank much powerful than common one! Premium account gives you access to extra camouflages and decals. Join clans, fight shoulder to shoulder, chat with friends and use clan researches.

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