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Hello young warrior, my name os Cheat-on, but everyone calls me grandpa toots. I will be your guide. The heroes of this world have been turned to crystal and shattered. Their shards are spread across the many lands. You must lead the heroes through the many realms, defeat the true enemy, and find all of the shards.
Well done young warrior, you’re doing excellent so far! You collected some hero shards during your last battle. Let’s use them to unlock a hero.

Battle Bouncers hack

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Hero screen - this is where you can see and manage the heroes you’ve unlocked. You’ll learn more about this later. For now, let’s just unlock snowbeard. Snowbeard - as the bearer of the swinging Anvil he used to work as a blacksmith but has turned his attention towards the young warriors in the kingdom; forging heroes instead of weapons. Snowbeard is now a part of your team! His chain lightning skill zaps multiple enemies of the same type. Now get back out to battle! And keep an eye out for more shards.

Battle Bouncers cheats, hack codes

Astra (the sacred speaker) - as the scholar of the unwritten book, she carries with her the truest archive of the kingdom’s history. She grew up deep in the forest and chooses to neither read nor write; her people pass their history through songs and stories.
Battle basics: let’s see participation of character move and attack. And use strong skill, it activate in regular rate. “< >” - move to stage: move to next stage or previous stage. Quest - it’ll show you your quest list. Salary - can call pigeon of negotiation. Auto skill - when a hero activates a skill, it will be used automatically.
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Fight button - hired hero will fight. Synergy effect: it is marking the special effect among the characters in battle. Treasure chest - you can get item, gold, gem, honor point come out, so open frequently! Heroes can participate to maximum 3, you must be remember!

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. patch notes! New features: improve code tutorials! Please welcome Grandpa toots who will help new players find their way in hack tools. Updates Logan’s flame strike visual. Clan chat improvements. Now more responsive and better flow. Bug fixed: fixed Ad behaviour for IOS devises. Lightning conduction will hit transmuted targets properly. Various other minor fixes. jrbzky - supply box
cGDbfo - treasure chest
ND4N0A - multiplayer
oLMkda - vip status
p1Izsu - star tokens
Hack XWvqdf - artifacts
Cheat 4Kv9N7 - evade
ScjCpB - elite ticket
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