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The city ahead is defenseless, we should occupy it before the enemy reinforcements arrive! Locate our objective by tapping on the coordinates. Our commander is in position, his presence will turn the tides in our favor. Speed is the essence of war. We should send our tanks to flank the enemy while their guard is down. Armored division – train tanks, upgrade to unlock more advanced units. General, we need a farm to produce food for our units. Only then can we expand our military prowess. With a steady food supply, we can build the mighty army that we've always dreamed off. Bottom is the list of recommended tasks. Complete tasks regularly to make your city even more powerful.

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Battle Mobile –  hack codes

Build a barracks to train infantry units. Farm – occupy it with an army and we can start gathering food. We should bolster our defenses now that we have more troops available. Let's start by assigning sentry units for our city. All unit types have their strengths and weaknesses. Explore different unit types to find the ideal defense setup. Each commander has different area of expertise. Extend your advantage by selecting the most suitable commander to lead your army. Your commanders will be deployed according to their ranks if no sentry is available.

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Battle Mobile –  cheats secret bug
Swipe to move the battle camera. We mustn't neglect our city defenses. Remember, a good defense wins wars. Our farms and mines produce resources over time. Resources are collected automatically, but will stop once we max out our resource capacity. Upgrade the city hall to unlock more structures and features. We must hire and train more commanders to keep ourselves ahead of our enemies. Each commander has unique abilities. You can boost your army strength tremendously by pairing up commanders with complementing abilities. There's no room for complacency in this age of chaos. We must constantly improve our army by hiring and training more commanders.

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1. MrOks0zorB - food
2. x0JBjWtjCH - ore
3. KggjpequnO - gold
4. RwayuKkAxF - resources
5. tbDdvKx7K4 – elite commander
6. Tl1zN7udwk – unlimited fuel
7. CudcloHjWs – vip code
8. wfR7MgtOVK – level up

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