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Hey there! First time at the Border city? I want to show you something cool here. Go into the B's club: whisky old fashioned - basic hire, martini - senior, champagne - perfect hire. 15 senior hires can get an extra perfect. Here at the Border city, if you want to stand out from the rest, you have to build a strong team, this club is here to provide you with heroes to employ. In general you need to pay in hire coins to build a wine Bureau, the higher the value probability of hiring a powerful hero. Color represent the quality of the hero, order is from weakest to the strongest: white, green, blue, purple and orange.

Battle Night cheats, hack codes

1. aHgGFkPw - perfect hire
2. fCDyQkr8 - gold coins
3. Enter ycOx9IrY - items
4. Pass Hj9ESrbl - weapon
5. YbW2WvRA - skill points
6. Enter kT86j2Ol - purple hero
7. lgDnfv7M - star up
8. 3d2lI2NL - premium pass
9. WZXNU0T7 - handcuffs
10. Zvk6CZnn - game coupon code

Controls Battle Night: it may seem primitive, but at the Border city this small estate is worth a fortune, and after all it can still be considered a sanctuary. What's that raucous out there? Let's go and check it out. Click on the hero's avatar to deploy them into formation.
Equipment from the enemy's side, let's take it back and let our heroes try it on. Select hero and enter the hero page. Hero experience gain in battles can be used to increase hero's level, the level doesn't only effect the character's power, but also effects the hero's use for equipment, the same equipment used by a hero with a higher level will promote more attributes or use cheats codes.

Basics Battle Night hack tools: select a shielded mine floor to dig based on your needs, this will make it easier to obtain activated halidoms. In your current area, random adventure events will appeared from time to time, complete them in time and obtain ample rewards. After defeating an alite monster or a boss, you will obtain their hidden treasures, click on the lightened area of the map to claim the rewards.
Hero fragment - collect a certain amount to hire character. Tank heroes have are more proficient at surviving, they are more suited for the front row to take in damage.
Be sure to check out the stores, see if you can find something you like.

Hero Wiki Battle Night code cheats:
machine - they even look like "ordinary people' Compared to other camps' talent. For their own faith and love, they decompose their body and merge with mechanical with unyielding will. The whole process is a narrow escape, the lucky person who survive finally is respected as "reformers".
Tamer: the whole world was in shock when people found that some human can communicate with animals. But panic and prejudic began to spread when people noticed that those human can also become powerful by absorbing animals' mana.
Martial hack tools: martial artists is a group of people who advocate Kungfu and fighting skill. They are born with great power and regard developing the potential of human body as their life pursuit. As a matter of course, endless training has let them possess unique fighting skill.
Naute - it is unclear whether it was the evolution of human or magical supernatural phenomenon, some human can feel the endless energy in the natural, and use it, even some human began to merge with vegetation.

Battle Night gift codes, hack, note.

Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. When caught in a tight spot, readjust the position of your heroes or use cheats, sometimes it can do wonders.
  • 2. When forging equipment you may be able to attain equipment of a quality better than the blueprint.
  • 3. A new free challenge chance will refreshed every 48 hours in hyper space. Be sure to not miss out. Norn Arena will host a season every 14 days. Cheep up in order to obtain even better seasonal rewards.
  • 4. The combined effect of different Halidoms cna help you face different opponents, when find difficulties in game, you can try readjust your Halidoms.
  • 5. Hack tools and upgrade hero’s star level can increase your hero’s attributes and unlock even more powerful skills and skill branches.
  • 6. Every month there will be an event with a higher probability for hiring specific heroes in B’s club. Just hang out when you are not busy.
  • 7. when caught in a tight spot, readjust the position of your heroes, sometimes it can do wonders.

Battle Night Gift redeem codes obtain deluxe pack:
1. aKGSZovZOvJ3wjx
2. zsC7RNGNeao6Sbz
3. oo85bgX7pQlIrVC
5. tIOJ2DtQcW3S90k

Hire cheats:
1. Basic hire once for free every 8 hours, chance to hire green or blue quality characters.
2. Senior - every 48 hours, chance to hire green (58%) or blue (40%) or purple (2%) quality heroes.
3. Perfect - hire blue (90%) and purple (10%) quality units.
4. Every 15 senior hires can get an extra perfect hire coin, please note that use perfect coins during perfect hire events can earn you extra bonus. how and where enter

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