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Welcome to our town! Thank you for accepting the invitation and agreeing to protect the inhabitants from attacks by savages. Next, i will tell you how and what to use, so that you can more easily master the military craft. The hero and his soldiers can go to any building in the city. To do this, just go to it and click on the icon that appears. Next, i will tell you what buildings there are in the city.
Town hall - where you can take a task, get a job. All this is well paid, provided of course, if you have enough skills to fulfill the contract.
The second most important building in the city, barracks. Enter this building to buy and upgrade warriors, weapons, and buy skills, aura, and magic, including amulets and rings.

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hack Battle of Heroes 3 Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): You can craft artifacts that improve the capabilities of your army. For crafting, collect resources. Collect loot and useful items from defeated enemies within sight. Choose a hero to capture his lands and collect tribute. Click the 'attack' button to start the march.

cheat Step #2: To change your avatar, click the select button. Then go to the site, select your avatar and copy the link to the picture and paste it into the form.
Mine - hire the workers that they extracted the crystals for the study of magic and auras. An effective worker on a farm. Obtains: at a farm of food +10, at a gold mine +8, at a mine of crystals +8.

code Step #3:Influence of factions in the world, the dead, order, chaos. History of wars, victories and defeats. All entries are saved in library.

Battle of Heroes 3 Step #4: Weapon: club bones - is a strong stick, sometimes reinforced at the end or reinforced with spikes and an iron tip. Clubs, hammers and other weapons of this class are effective against the race of the dead. A warrior armed with a club has a 30% chance of dealing double damage to the dead.
Magic stick - staff endowed with magical powers. The power of magic that releases when using the staff carries a mortal danger. 20% chance that damage will be dealt to enemies within a radius.
Bow - a remote weapon designed to launch arrows. Effective weapon for remote attack. Long distance and close, reduces damage by 70%. Arrows are almost useless against the dead, 50% chance that the deal will not take damage.

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