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In the golden age of piracy, the infamous captain Roberts sailed all around the world plundering and running amok. He amassed an incredible fortune of gold and priceless treasure, and hid it before he passed away. To this day, no one has found Roberts' fortune, but recently rumors have spread that he hid it in the East, in the Orient. Now, hundreds of pirates are racing there to claim his treasure for their own. Will you be the one to find it? Your legend begins...Now!

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Battle of Warships –  hack codes

Bolted torrent – single target attack and improves your own defense and defensive skills for 3 rounds. Admiral, every port has different ships you can build, collect plans to unlock them. Dragon ship (assault) – high dodge and fast speed, best suited for the middle. Anne Bonny (gunner) – assign in armory, increase a ship's attack. Lead Gunpowder – single target attack that deals splash damage around the target. You can also craft higher level equipment by upgrading the smithy. You can change the name of equipment to a name of your own. The smithy also have change and forge. You can change the appearance or forge the equipment.

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Battle of Warships  –  cheats secret bug
Congratulations admiral, you've mastered the basic skills to manage your fleet! But to deal with powerful enemies, you'll have to strengthen your stations! receive additional rewards for fighting stronger enemies. If you use the same type skills continuously, the skill combo will accumulate. Skill combo will be activated once the combo activation or the chain is used. You can change the appearance of the equipment by changing appearance. You can craft with each acquired blueprint. The stat points of the produced equipment is determined at random during the production. The higher tier of craft, the better the result.

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With dollars you can buy regular ships and weapons, also you can upgrade it. Battle of Warships  –  ships, dollars, gold
1. A1Etunjy2K - gold
2. Rdmqpy0tOz – unlock ships
3. rUAzuTGdW3 - dollars
4. X1cMOGsvLR - upgrade
5. iSCfzvu0zk – increase attack damage
6. zRVBWv4HRU - items
7. 8NyiTfLRwQ – level up

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