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Battlefield 24 Days cheat world: the world is now in a state of turmoil, law is no longer in control. Even worse, the presidential palace has been occupied by terrorists. We found an underground secret base hiding a nuclear bomb silo inside. We must seize the presidential palace before the nuclear bomb explodes, please return to the base and guide us immediately.

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We should produce some tanks to prepare for our upcoming battles. Troops are assembled, we can now recruit heroes to fight against terrorist organizations. We can recruit heroes at the bar, heroes will certainly assists you greatly. Taking on rebels requires action points, make sure you spend them wisely. Rewards can be claimed once rebels are eliminated.

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Units: bong - combat type heroes can raise your troop's combat potential. Use scout to reveal enemy intelligence. Click on the hero image on the left to select a hero. You can enjoy this game more by joining an active guid. We received a bong's shard, we can use it to strengthen Bong. The higher the attributes, the stronger bong is. Tap the skill icons to check the skill's details.

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Upgrading Bong's level can raise his base attributes and skills. Spending Bong's shard to raise star rank, which can raise basic attributes and level cap further. YOu have learnt the basics. Now try to complete the rest of the missions and lead our way to survival. Reach headquarters level 2 to unlock artillery factory and secretary.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: we need air power to win the war. Upgrade to produce more aircrafts. After clearing the first chapter, you may upgrade green tank parts to create brand new looks for your tanks. Approaching a hero can increase the helicopter production speed of the aircraft factory. We discovered traces of rebel activities in this building, our base can no longer sustain further damages, please investigate as soon as possible.

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Tutorial Battlefield 24 Days (wiki): upgrade your weapons and armors to improve their stats. A special troop reward will be given after you collected all 7 online rewards everyday. We should some tank engine and turret blueprints from the rebels. These can be useful for upgrading and strengthening our tanks. Parts - this is the tank parts workshop, where you can upgrade parts to strengthen your troops. Depending on the quality of the parts, you may even unlock new looks and extra bonuses for your troops. 6 pieces of accessories advanced to the same quality to unlock the powerful attribute bonus.

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