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Our aircraft carrier has arrived in the designated combat area! Start loading the fighters. Please click on your aircraft carrier. Then click on the production list. Click to start produce warplane. Use speed up cheats - complete warplane production immediately. Or use the accelerator to end production. Fighters are on standby, the fleet can start patrol the sea. Left the aircraft carrier enter the enemy waters. Discover enemy battleships, click to attack. Attacking enemy ship artillery with a fighter can quickly. Use the frozen skill code to freeze the enemy battleship.

Battleship Clash2 hack

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Sink the flagship to get the final victory. use a dive bomber to deal with it. Ah, the enemy fighters are flying towards us! We need to deploy air defense warships right away. Naval docks can upgrade battleships and warplanes. There is no warships in the dock? Please go to the store to get more warships. Click on the unit to view the gun. Replace and equip the powerful main gun. Chemical munitions can cause continuous corrosion damage.

Battleship Clash2 cheats, hack codes

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Commander, the air defense fleet is already in place, please rest assured! We will be able to hold this wave of air strikes! It’s awful that our enemies enslave the aborigines here, we must drive them away. Let us hit the flagship of the Z army. Killing the resource ship will cause great damage to the flagship.
it’s great, the enemy was died out, and the people on the island are finally free. Let us liberate more islands. The character panel - upgrade warship, aircraft and main gun can get experience, upgrade the role.
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Participate in all kinds of alliance interaction can get contribution value, and upgrade the rank. Upgrade your aircraft carrier to unlock new warships, warplanes, and improve your leadership. Free islands can continue to get resources from the islanders. Resources can be used to upgrade battleships and fighters!

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