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The Royal Navy is on a quest, deep in the enemy sea region. Let’s find the plutonium core. Those bloody Dragons minions guard the core. Let’s smash them! Match 4 weapons for an explosive weapon, 5 - for a laser. The number next to the enemy health tells how soon the enemy attacks.
I must find someone who can use the core. It’s the only way to stop the bloody dragon. An abandoned harbor, now used as a base by the free army. We need iron to expand the base. Tap an empty area to build.

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Finish now usually costs gold coins, but in the beginning of the game it’s free. We need room to hold the iron. We have to build a more powerful fleet to stop the bloody dragon. Use cheat codes or the lucky coin to recruit general or explore ship. We must win all the battles in each region to reach the leader of the bloody dragon. Ship type affect how much damage you do with attacks. Attack the BB enemy with DD - the attack is weak and only deals half damage.

Battleship & Puzzles cheats, hack codes

You can always find information at the top left corner of the battle page. Each ship has a different special skill. It can be improved as the ship levels up. Use special skills when they are ready! When we defeat enemies, we receive Sailors and other loot. Sailors are required in building new ships.
Upgrading the HQ expands the base at certain levels, providing more places for buildings.
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Click auto fill to choose vehicle automatically. The selected lainer will be consumed and offer experience. Once a ship is fully leveled up, you can ascend it. Ascending requires ascension materials. Resources are earned in battles. Common ships can ascend only once. Uncommon and rare can ascend multiple times. Bosses use their special skills when their nuclear bar is full.

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