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BE-A Walker Game select the civilization: establish contact with the local population. Easy enough, right? Damn savages weren’t interested in talking. They attacked with such madness that even the brave had their nerves rattled. Our technology proved useless against the furious savage horde. Their giant arrows pierced our armor like it was paper. Only walkers, our elite warriors, offered any resistance against the onslaught. But arrows found weak spots, penetrating cockpit shells and pilots died from the plant’s poisonous atmosphere. Your brother’s walker was immobilized. Arrows pierced its servo drives. He couldn’t move, but covered the remnants of our retreating detachment for as long as he could fight...

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Here, on Eldorado, we communicate with each other through our messenger. It is convenient, and does not interfere with our work. Just move ahead, and the message will disappear after a few steps. By the way, don’t take too long. Your oxygen supply is limited and can only be replenished at a station.
HAck tools, unlock3 different walker modes: neutral - this mode provides a balanced ration of oxygen consumption, walking speed and reload time for weapons. Turbo - significantly increases walker speed and decreases weapon reload time, while greatly increasing the consumption of oxygen. Economy - in this mode, walker speed is reduced and weapon reload time is increased. This allows significant reduction in the consumption of oxygen.

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He saved many that day, including me. It’s been five years since the colony on Eldorado was founded and constant battles with the savages have cost us countless lives. There aren’t many of us left, but plenty of them. This is their home. They know every path in this jungle. We’ve built forts and outposts to protect the colony. But human life on Eldorado remains under constant threat. The job of a walker, your job, is to ensure the safety of the colony by any means necessary, use cheats codes. Now let’s get started on your first missions.
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Your first task is to travel to base BE-A and announce your arrival to general Garay. He will give you furter instructions. Proceed straight down the road. Don’t make any turns. There shouldn’t be any natives here. But should the savages appears, you know what to do with them.
Code VsQlcN - upgraded armor can withstand direct fire from blasters and arrows, and prevents oxygen leaks.
9uTAIj - additional air filters will more effectively filter dangerous substances and micro flora from the eldorado atmosphere.
9IOqv5 - cheap yet effective weapon against armored troops and vehicles.

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