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Oh, hey there! We’ve been expecting you. Welcome to the academy! You’re super lucky. Only a selected number of people get to come here. Give your Byte. It’s still a cute lil’ hatchling but it will grow and evolve into a real strong Byte one day. Until then, it is you duty to train and raise it properly. Don’t worry, i will teach you how to do that, follow me! Tap on the battle select icon. Mission - this is where you will get to battle against waves of enemy bytes. Survive the entire duration to clear it. For now, only Easy mode is available. Give it your best shot! Defeat as many enemies as you can within 3 minutes (without use cheats codes and hack tools).

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Top panel - this is the HP of your Byte. If it reaches 0, the mission will be over. Your pet will automatically attack enemies. You can speed up the attacks by pressing on the tap button. Tap on the skill icon to use its unique skill. If your Byte has gained a level, you can upgrade its stats. Tap on the arrow to bring down the hero info menu. Over here you can assign additional stats gained from levelling up your pet. Each stat affects the health, attack and defense capabilities of your byte.

Becoming Bytes cheats, hack codes

Your character has two gauges, fullness and happiness. Tap on the shop icon. This shop sells items which are purchasable using different kinds of currency. Items can be purchased by selecting buy. Premium - items in this category can only be purchased using gems. Drag and drop the berries (food) to the center of your screen. After feeding, some fullness will be restored. These berries happen to be your Byte’s favourite food, therefore it gains some happiness as well. Assigning toys to your hero keeps their happiness full for specific duration.
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To pet your Byte, simply tap and hold on it. It will generate waste over time. If you do not clean them, your pet may have a chance of getting sick. To clean, tap on the waste to remove it. That seems to be all the basics you need to know.
As member of the academy, you will be given tasks to complete daily. You will earn a specific number of task points for each task you complete. Since you have already completed some tasks, you can claim them to receive the task points. Once you achieve 100 task points, you can claim your daily reward.

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