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How could i have been so blind? I should have known from the very beginning that they’d find a way to twist everything... Turn it all upside down! In their hands, every endeavor becomes an instrument of control, every carrot becomes a stick. There’s no going back now. Nowhere to run. It’s time to face the consequences of my actions.
This was all a mistace. All of it, but maybe it’s not too late to fix it! I need to shut everything down, destroy all the documents! Those empty eyes, that silent obedience. THis isn’t what i wanted! It wasn’t supposed to be like this! To do great things, you have to overcome great obstacles. I know that, but still - i have never been so scared in my life. I’m sure they’re already planning on dragging Evan into all of this. I know of only one way to protect my son.

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- Hi there! I assume you’re the one i’ve been waiting for. My name is Cheat-on. YOu must be quite a big deal. I’ve been with the ministry for 8 years, 4 months, and 12 days. In that time, i’ve processed 18,342 applications, had 1,629 cups of coffee, and witnessed 284 incidents of civil disorder. Now ask me how many times i’ve been sent to welcome a new employee on his first day. Zero! Not once in all those 3,052 days! So there has to be something special about you, right?
- Perhaps you’ve gotten me mixed up with someone else. I’m just here to be a clerk. My name’s Evan Redgrave.
- Redgrave? As in, “Redgrave” Redgrave? Oh God! Your father...The ministry is considered, quite rightfully, to be one of the most beautiful and well equipped buildings in the country. Have a look for yourself: it’s 226 metters tall, contains 12,742 offices spread out over its 37 floors and welcomes over 325,000 visitors a day!
Sometimes i catch myself thinking about all those thousands of people, and trying to calculate just how many more consumer goods they could be producing if they didin’t have to spend all their time waiting in lines. But even i can’t handle those kinds of numbers, and i always give up.

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Check out the statue of the Wise leader in the square. It took 5,500 tons of concrete and 2400 tons of metal to build it. That statue weights 8000 tons! We could have build eight kindergartens and a hospital with all those material, but the ministry knows what the people really need and use codes.
This cold, indifferent pavement is where your father met his end. The safety and security of the ministry are another source of pride for us. The security guards can be some of your best friends here - especially if you’re able to come to some kind of arrangement with them. Our guards have thwarted 985 terrorist acts this year alone. That’s an average of almost four attempts a day. So make sure you’ve always got some cash on you, just in case, and don’t do anything to spoil their numbers. Do you follow me?
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As i said before, there are 37 floors, and twice that many underground. At least, according to official data. The higher the floor, the better the job and hack cheats codes. If your work hard, you might make it to the top. But keep in mind that a lot of people want ot get promoted, so competition here is fierce and merciless. People here would do anything for a promotion. Some scheme against their coworkers, some suck up to the bosses.
Some nutjobs even try to further their careers by working hard. Thos people aren’t right in the head. The way all of this is set up, it’s next to impossible to get anywhere by working hard. Though i think someone with your last name won’t have much difficulty moving up the ladder. One day, you’ll get a promotion and step into that elevator. Best of all, everyone else on this floor will be jealous.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: We should always remember why we are here, and what it took to get us here. Every now and then it’s worth showing the proper respect to one who sacrificed everything for his people. Remember: the wise leader is ever vigilant! Things like happiness and sadness come and go. But the leader is ever present.
This is where we hold general meetings. They’re ususally pretty mundane - some people get rewarded for their work, other get reprimanded for theirs. Sometimes, we also publicly condemn the actions of our neighbor states. Some smartass suggested that we call the meetings “five minutes of Hatred”. He got reprimanded on the spot and hasn’t made any further suggestions since. Or more accurately, he hasn’t been able to. We also sing patriotic songs here sometimes. I’ve sung the national anthem 426 times this month.
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This floor of the ministry has an area of 440,00 square meters. Incredible, isn’t it?
See those lines? Every single person standing there has come here with a problem. Whether it’s a real issue or not isn’t up to us to decide. Our job is to send people to get right department. If you sit on the riverbank long enough, the current might sweep away your enemies for you.
So, let’s start with the basics: the forms. Your task for today is to process five visitors. You’ll earn authority for meeting your quota. In our ministry, authority is much more valuable than money! Anyone can steal or find money, but authority has to be earned. Without it, you can forget about promotions, rewards and your whole hack codes career. IF you don’t have enough influence in the ministry, your colleagues won’t even tak to you.
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