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Your opponent’s build - have a look and try to imagine his strategy. Your opponent will always be using a yellow and green belt to differentiate from your avatar. Top - this is the time you have to choose a card at each turn. If you don’t select a card, you are penalized. 3:00 - this is the total time of the match. When it ends, the player with more points wins the match.

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Your cards - choose one of them, then tap on confirm when satisfied. Fatigues of cards: in red, the amount of fatige the card will give to you, and in green the fatigue to your enemy. Left bar - this info shows the advantages, disadvantages and neutrality a card has regarding other card’s stances. Letters T, F, S and colors indicate the card’s main attribute. T - technique, F - flexibility, S - strength main attribute.

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BeJJ Jiu-Jitsu hack credits
You should prioritize cards from your highests attributes of your avatar’s build for better card & build points.
Defense card - if you use it 3 times or more consecutively, you will be penalized. Its main attribute is strength and it also gives fatigue to you and your opponent as shown by the red and green boxes. This is the number of times you can use this card. In some situations, it can be used infinitely.
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Fatigue bar - here you can see the amount of fatigue each player received in each turn. The less, the better.
Card & build points are based on your avatar’s build and the choice of card you made on the turn. It is the strength of a card (its level) combined with the distribution of attribute points of your avatar. This means that you should prioritize cards from your highest attributes as much as possible in your decks and in the fight.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • When a card's stance has advantage over another in a turn, there will be clash bonus points.
  • The arrows show the final points of the clash. The player with the arrow furthest away wins the turn.
  • Choose a monster first, then draw aim shot.
  • If you aim in a direction for a certain amount of time, the monster firing direction will be set so as to prevent aiming errors.
  • It's important to aim for the main monster among the enemy team.
  • S3, S2 - this shows the level of success a player has won (in green) or lost (in red) a clash turn. THe difference between player's points in a turn defines the success level which may vary from 1 to 5, S1 being the best and S5 the worst.

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Hack cheats tutorial BeJJ Jiu-Jitsu(wiki):
Fatigue may be decisive during the match. Many points can be lost in a turn if you become too tired. The loss can be so great that you can lose a clash (a turn) even when receiving clash bonus points. Be aware of the energy modifier (in grey) and control your fatigue bar.
Each card of the game have a hack success levels data which can be seen in the arsenal. For each cheat level (ss to s1), it is determined which will be the new situation (stand up, mount, etc) of the fight after a clash and the points/ advantages (according to Jiu Jitsu rules) the player will receive for winning the turn. Therefore, the winning card defines the turn results and what will happen next.
BeJJ Jiu-Jitsu tutorial

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Instructions: points and advantages of each turn are added there so that you can follow and control the match status. You receive advantages when you almost succeed an action that scores or almost succeed a submission.
Avoid exit can be used once per match while in the mount and in the back situations. It used to try to prevent your opponent to exit from these positions when he uses the exit card.
If the avoid exit matches the exit card, it will destroy it an the player won’t be able to use it again during the match. Use it wisely.
The two stars indicate that this card is stronger than a card with a maximum level and stronger than a one star card.
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