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You - one of the surviving Saiyans. He left planet Vegeta from infancy and grew up on Earth with Goku. Tap dungeons to move to the teleportation point and show dungeon interface. You can summon companions by tapping assist skill’s icons. Chiaotzu’s Solar flare can stun targets for 1 turn. An essential skill for controlling the situation. I didn’t know there are so many powerful fighters in this universe. If i want to fight them, i need more power. Let me tell you how to boost power. When martial artists concentrate their power level, soulstones will be extracted. With soulstones hack cheats codes, you’ll be able to use their unique skills.

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Goku soulstone - 2 piece set: turns normal attacks into spirit bombs, dealing attack damage to all enemy units. meanwhile, increases its damage dealt by 20%. 4 piece set - spirit bomb has a chance of inflict a confuse or silence status on the target. Equip tow or four soulstones to activate the soulstone effects. You can study more on how to use and combine the soulstones. New challenge awaits. COme on and try the power of soulstones.

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1. dAIWse - level up
2. eQTW25 - voucher
3. ga7CUb - shard
4. S27d7k - free stat point
5. VyiGaz - characters tier list SSS

Choose companions to fight, and the new companions will fight with you. Soulstones are different, and the effects of collecting two and four are different as well. You can get soulstone packs at stage 3,6, 9 of every chapter. Tap cheat code lGMIhu to use fighter recruitment tickets. Use fighter recruitment tickets hack to summon companions. Hero info - you can see all kinds of information about your companions here. New heroes are often inexperienced, but don’t worry too much. With a fast upgrade, we can increase new companions’ combat levels in a short time. Goku is a good defender. Let’s put him in the front row.
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Drag the icons on the lower right corner to move companions. Choosing different helpers to fight is also part of your strategy. Take the strength fruit cheat code and you will awaken to another level. Don’t forget about other fighters. YOu can awaken them as well. Complete chapters with full stars and you will get important rewards. Potential point hack - it can provoke your potential abilities. Collect potential points to activate your potential abilities. Light up the star souls can activate potentials and boost your stats. Collect more and you will get even more power.

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1 KD0h3E upgrade
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7 zgGmDg month card
8 fGnm9t premium pack
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Secret list:
1. Some specific stages have full star chests that are automatically obtained when you get all the stars of the stage.
2. A large number of goods are for sale. Remember to check in shop when you are short of something.
3 Secret note: Cakes are served at a fixed time every day. Don’t forget to eat them for stamina. 99h1F7 - jewels
DPnPQU - gold
Frxvzy - awaken fighters to greatly boos their stats
JJLpfw - recruit fighters to fight enemies
Hack R1KT7H - artifacts
Cheat QHm1Jv - fighter recruitment coupon
DTW6Xm - elite ticket. md5uA0 - exchange code
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