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Welcome to Panacea Hospital, Director. Let’s treat our first patient. Your team - your role is to manage a team of doctors. Use the character’s basic ability to research a disease. Capture diseases to accumulate damage. You need more research points to capture a tier 2 disease.
Doctors from a rival hospital try to capture diseases first.

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Great work! You have treated your first patient. Top menu - this is your team’s reputation. You lose if it reaches 0. In this game, you hurt your enemy’s reputation by capturing diseases faster than they do. Damage from diseases are stored in the system. Capturing a tier disease immediately hurts your enemy’s reputation.

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Your enemy’s stored damage in the system hurts you on the system turn.
We can use gold to open special med kits. Kits can help us recruit new doctors to our hospital.
YOu can see your goals in daily objectives. Claim objective rewards once they are completed! You can complete each objective once per day.
Bio Inc 2 wiki
First you have to form a team of doctors to treat each patient. Collect additional characters in campaign missions, events, and by opening med kits. Doctors have turn meter gauges. Turn meter determines the turn order. Their speed stat determines how quickly they fill.
Systems have turn meters too. You can have a look at the timeline to determine who is next to play.

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  • Tier 2 diseases don't hurt the enemy's reputation right away, but they deal more damage on system turn.
  • Tier 3 diseases also don't hurt reputation directly. They're worth the most damage but harder to capture.
  • Textbooks are used to level up doctors.
  • Use the character's special ability. The offence up positive effect allows doctors to capture diseases easier.

Bio Inc 2 tips
Hack cheats tutorial Bio Inc 2(wiki):
  • Each system has a unique structure.
  • Learn skills to improve a doctor's stats. Skills require certain tools, like a scalpel. Green icon means you have the tools needed to learn the skill. Learn all 6 skills to promote a doctor to the next skill tier.
  • Save patients or kill them, make your hospital flourish, hire the best doctors and the worst.

Bio Inc 2 tutorial

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