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Birdie Crush cheat world: hi, are you the captain of the new team? Nice to meet you! I'm cheat-on. Today, i came to help you learn the basics of gold. The lesson might seem long, but this will be of a great help in a long run. So, stay focused! In the gold lesson, you can learn everything about golf from the basics to something more advanced. By the way, amazing rewards are waiting for you when you pass the basic hack controls.

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Since today is your first day, i'll start with brief explanations about golf hack cheats basics. If you learn the basics properly, it will definitely help you get a good score later. The tee shot is the first stroke you make on each hole. It's important to hit the ball far enough to reach a safe area. First, we need to decide where to position the ball for precise shots. Touch the screen and then drag your finger up, down, or sideways across the screen to set the power as you move the yellow point. This is how you set the power before making a shot.

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Characters: Erin G.Bridd - lives with her dad who is a managed at a country club. She's a beloved child of her dad, and has a bright and positive personality. She Likes any kinds of sweets including chocolates candy, cakes, puddings, macaroons, etc. Sweets are always right! She never interested in golfing until she watched the live match of Martina, a famous golf player, and now she dreams of becoming a star golf. Kris lowell - the only son of the Lowell family that is well known in Tribain. The best idol of Delion bridge school. He's not only handsome but also has a friendly personality. He never thought of becoming a worldwide golf player or liked playing gold, but everything has changed ever since he met Erin. "I love every moment i play gold ever since i met her. I don't wat to miss a thing."

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Lucie de Bei - daughter of Oscar who is a principal at Delion Bridge. "Genius" is the best world that describes her and everyone has expected much from her since she was little. "The cheers of the galleries over there are just as natural as breathing for me." However, it seems that the thing that has been so natural is becoming somewhat different than before because of a kid named Erin, and it's been bothering her since. Martina Glow - the most popular juior golf player. She is born with a tremendous talent that may come out once in every 100 years, and is also a hard worker. There are only few things that are known about her. She admires Phantom who is a worldwide star golfer, is attending Deligion Bridge, and the youngest player to be titled as Golden Lion. "I'm sure no one loves plying gold more than i do."

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Tap the shot button, and you'll see the swing bar maving. Green - it's important to place the ball as close to the pin (cup) as possible because it makes much easier to putt later. Like you did earlier for the tee shot, try dragging the control zone to the indicated target area. When you putt, you're trying to roll the ball into the hole using the putter. You must pay close attention since it's directly related to your score. Hack caddies are your friends as well as companions who give advice about the wind, terrain, and current situation during the game. You can always hack a new caddies at character > caddie menu. Arena - this is where you can enter 1:1 match against various players in real time. The match consists of 8 grades and the higher league you enter, the better rewards you get.

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Tutorial (wiki): one day you can also get your own red bull helmet! Ride against others around the world and show us you are worth of it. That's all for now. Just remember these three things: keep on racing; upgrade your bike; race in special events for the best prizes: gold, tokens, tickets, crystal. You'll be playing with 4 different players in the open competition. Missions will be your guide of the game.

Birdie Crush hacked Tricks: you'll be playing with 4 different players in the open competition. You can check your profile by tapping the top left corner on the main screen. The open cometition will be held for 24 hours. Birdie Boxes are the most efficient item you can get with gold. It's crucial to get good scores in the game since the quantity and quality of items in the birdie box depend on your match grade. Gear - here, you can hack equip or upgrade the star grade of your equipment. With the star upgrade, you can increase the stars below the equipment to upgrade the equipment stats. Even normal equipment can possess the same amount of stats as long as it has the same number of stars. So, don't underestimate normal equipment. You can use star cards at lobby hack > profile, so make sure to check them out later.

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