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Bistro Heroes redeem codes

Tap the button to go to the map screen. Tap the map to select a region. Here you can select the heroes to participate in battle. The heroes will automatically find the nearest enemies to fight. Tap the enemy for focused attack.
We do need to proceed with the investigation. But as our artifacts are all broken, it is difficult to return to the palace immediately. So we will require a temporary base to stay and scout the nearby region.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Sold out - tap the button to go to the cooking screen. Here you cans elect the dishes you want. Use the slider to determine tha amount to craft and tap “craft” to create a dish. Or you can craft the maximum amount right away. You can set the visuals to be skipped at menu>settings. The crafted dishes will be automatically sold as time passed.
Bistro Heroes cheat, Step #2: You can obtain cooking ingredients through battles. You can obtain rewards fro completed missions by tapping “missions”. Main quest - here you can obtain the main story progress rewards. Complete a sub quest to learn new dishes or obtain new rewards. Complete quests and receive various rewards.
Bistro Heroes code, Step #3: Check out the new clothes and furniture! 100% converted to ingredient when gaining identical item> Event coin x10 obtained per furniture, clothes summon.
New clothes, furniture launch event: use event coins to purchase items you want; event coins can be obtained during furniture, clothes summon or gameplay; event coins can only be used during the event time, and unused coins can be used in the next event; you can obtain up to 5000 event coins that appear in town during the event.
Bistro Heroes hack tools, Step #4: Upgrade - tap the button to move to the upgrade screen. Here you can upgrade various abilities. Upgrades related to battles are applied to all heroes. Spend gold to upgrade the abilities.
Furniture: 1 -here you can change the exterior of the bistro. 2 - here you can view the furniture located on the foreground of the town. 3 - the furniture located on the background of the town. To craft or upgrade furniture you will need materials.

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