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Biztopia redeem codes

Go to wholesaler and buy products for your store first. Stocking a variety of products is a smart strategy. This helps you figure out the right price for each produce faster. Go to your store and set your retail prices. First, tap on the product icon or the price tag to select a product. Next, tap on edit icon (pencil) to change the sales price. Consider pricing your first set of products at more.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): In game, the bank automatically lends you money whenever you need it. This means when you run out of money, you’ll automatically receive a loan. Any money you earn from selling products will be automatically used to pay back your loan. Once you pay off your debt, all money you make be directly deposited to your saving account, earning interest.
cheat, Step #2: Just be careful not to let your loan exceed your credit limit. If it does, the bank will sieze and liquidate your assets, forcing you into bankruptcy. Keep in mind the savings rate is an annual percentage rate, while the loan rate is a weekly percentage rate.
Biztopia code, Step #3: Labor: you can decide how much you want to pay your employees by setting the budged for their weekly wages. If you set their salary too low, your employee morale will decrease. The lower your employee morale, the higher the chance of a strike. If you keep your employees happy, there probably won’t be much labor unrest. However, even if your employee morale is 100%, there’s still a small chance they may decide to go on strike.
Step #4: Go to building and set your maintenance budget. If you want to expand your store, you need to buy a building permit the next time it comes up for auction.

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