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Black command cheat world: wars are no longer fought by armies alone. Outcomes are decided not by blood and bullets, but by money and information. The commander guides troops from a birds eye view. Reading the situation and making sense of the chaos, they play a high stakes game where chips are soldiers' lives and all bets are final.
So, you're the new recruit? I am sergeant cheat-on. First, i'll need to test you. Tap the mission nice and gentle. Learn the basics of command.

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This is manda security's black command interface. This'll let you see the enemies exact positions on the field. Now to brief you on the mission. Destroy the target squads. The red symbols here are the enemy. Blue squad is your to command. Set up your squad's route. Then tap start battle. YOur cone of sight is also your weapon range, Get an enemy in range and you can open fire. Ok, next - order your troops to go to the objective.

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If an enemy outranges you, they will shoot first. Looks like the enemy heard the shooting earlier, they're headed another way. Tap to change your route and try to avoid them. Drag the route to make changes. You've flanked them, good! Try to guide your troops to advantageous positions. The better your accutacy, the faster and more efficiently you can take out your enemies.
Training 2: intermediate - learn even more ways to command your troops.

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If you tap set route without setting anything, it'll point you toward your next objective. Now i'll teach you about movement speed. Switch to caution to slip by enemies. Your troops move slower, but they're harder to spot. If there are a lot of enemies, you may not be able to take them out all at once. If your guns have high accuracy, you can defeat more enemies in a single attack. Looks like you're running low on ammo. Tap the resupply icon to stock up on ammo whenever you need to. It's better than retreating. Alright, now sneak up and take out the rest of enemies.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: if you successfully approach from behind, you'll perform a surprise attack. In a surprise attack, your squad won't take damage and they won't use ammo, either. Sniping will be less accurate if you're spotted by your enemies. Sniper post - shoot distant enemies with your sniper. Attacking from outside weapon range is much less accurate. All weapon ranges matter. Bottom is your current ammo count. You can keep fighting as long as you still have bullets. Near - is how many bullets you need to take on the mission. The actual number of bullets you use depends on how you fight. Smart thinking will take you far.

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Tutorial (wiki): before you can take out the enemy HQ, you have to attack their fortifications. Our objective is to destroy enemy fort. You don't need to kill them all. Save enough ammo for the fort. Run out of ammo and you're toast. Stock up on resupply equipment so you never run too low. Your squad range is determined by the lead member's range. They're the one on the left. Destroy all outposts to take out the enmy's central command. This will cause the enemy to lose their hold on the region. Remember, surprise attacks don't work on armored vehicles like tanks. Use anti tank rockets instead.

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