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Force is the source of world power. One day that the devil’s polluted the force led to the warrior power being manipulated. Can you destroy the devil and purify the source of the force? You’ve achieved a lot despite not being a captain for long. I have a favor to ask you. I want you to show me the strength of your brigade’s magic. You know what they say, make hay while the magic lasts.

Black Clover Phantom Knights hack

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Hey stranger! It’s the fortress at the edge of this wasteland. No civilization, but only honor. If you want to earn respect here, just prove yourself. Take down this annoying Corpse King (enjoy the free meal). Tap mission button to start adventure. During your turn, choose a skill to attack the enemy. Cost SP to use powerful skills in the battle. You have completed this dungeon, you are allowed to quit anytime without any punishment.

Black Clover Phantom Knights cheats, hack codes

I’m Bell and i’ll be your guide. I’m the wind spirit - one of the four great nature spirits - so you’d better give me lets of respect. First, let me explain how battles work. In auto battle your allies will use their learned abilities automatically. The enemy dropped some red and blue gems! Getting these by attacking enemies is super important, so listen carefully. Collect enough red gems and the gauge on the bottom left will fill up, allowing you to use AOM - it stands for all out magic!
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YOur leader will activate a unique skill, target a single enemy, and attack. The leader’s neighboring allies will join in too! Usually you need red gems to use AOM, but i’ll let you use it for free- use cheat code. Enemies will drop more blue gems than usual when you use AOM. Blue gems will increase your arcane art gauge and are split automatically among allies.
Arcane arts (AA) are much more powerful than your allies’ normal abilities, so be sure to use them at the right time.

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Enhance materials can also be found in the various regions so collect them while protecting the kingdom. When you select a space, every space the line passes through to reach the selected space will be unlocked. Even if you don’t have enough Grimoire Pts, you can make up the difference as long as you have some slates. Enhance details - here, you’ll be able to confirm what will be enhanced. Everything displayed in green will be enhanced. If you feel enemies are becoming a bit too strong, you should come here and enhance your knights.
Unlock pages on the Grimoire board by evolving and raising a character’s rarity. Learn powerful abilities and power up your arcane art on the unlocked page. You need YUl and either the character;s sheets or phantom sheets to evolve. LktDCi - supply box
WSdIp7 - treasure chest
DyqWRu - multiplayer
9WkcDk - vip status
PsULH7 - star tokens
Hack HOg7fH - artifacts
Cheat Og0Shv - evade
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