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They say time is invaluable. It always begins in the depths of the serene desert. Where am i? Who am i? I bet you can’t remember. But even when all hope was lost, there was one thing you couldn’t forget. Remember our adventures together? It’s okay if you don’t. This can be our new beginning. Because our pact will last forever.
You’re finally awake! I’ve been waiting for you forever! Are you still dizzy? Why don’t you try to walk it off? Try walking over there. Oh my, you didn’t forget how to walk, did you? See the directional pad? Use it to move to the blue pillar of light. Great work! We’re off to great start!

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Whenever you complete a quest, the quest tab will change color! Tap to collect your reward. You’re gonna need to get out of those rags, by the way. You’ll never get anything done wearing that. Let’s get someone to help us! First things first. You should pay a visit to the chief of our town. You’ll need more time to recover considering how you’re still walking about in a daze. The chief should know what to do with you. You don;t have any place to go, fo you? I can offer you a place to stay in exchange for doing some work around town. Go pay a visit Finto farm. The owner of the farm is looking to hire some help.

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Our farm has the best potatoes, but the parasitic bees keep eating them! Can you help us just get rid of them? They’re in the potatoes over there.
Wait a second! Don’t run into battle just yet! You don’t stand a chance against those parasitic bees in your current state! First, switch to combat mode. Try using some of your skills, which tend to be stronger than your basic attack. Skills require MP and / or a cooldown time. YOu might suck at first, but you’ll get used to it fast enough. And just in case you didn’t know, getting hit by enemies is bad. Try to evade incoming attacks by tapping cheat code button. Don’t just spam one skill button! Connect other skills and use them together to perform better in battle.
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If you want to get something good, you should take some risks. Adventurer, do you happen to like dogs or cats? I’ve been feeding stray animals for a while now. I’ll teach you about pets but i won’t be happy about it. You have to register pets in order to keep them around. First, open your inventory! See the pearl inventory? There’s a pet token. Use to register Balenos mischievous dog. This pet will have the knowledge gain rate skill. Ta-da! This is your pet! What do you think? Not as cute as me, of course! Just name it whatever you want and keep it away from me. If you can’t think of one, you can tap on random until you find a name you like. If you’re set, tap on confirm! Remember, you can always change it again!

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Character tier list: Ranger - a nimble huntress with superior marksmanship, the ranger swiftly neutralizes her enemies from afar with a barrage of penetrating arrows.
The warrior slashes through enemies and immobilizes rivals with his longsword, while using a shield to defend himself and his allies.
Witch - is a master of elemental magic, able to vanquish her foes en masse by manipulating the forces of fire, ice, wind, lightning, and earth.
Giant - showcases the feared strength of his race as he cleaves, slices, and performs ground shaking smashes with his giant dual axes. His attacks can effectively crowd control and eradicate all surrounding enemies.
Valkyrie - blessed with sacred powers, the Valkyrie balanced offensive and defensive skills, dealing immense damage at close range while supporting allies with buffs and recovery spells.
VN9x9U - fuse crystals
BKO9XG - skill book
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6GL5Wl - sumon SSR hero
Hack n5sIIv - artifacts
Cheat 6uNqIf - evade
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Black Desert Mobile crystal’s energy can be harnessed to confer special attributes. You can fuse low grade crystals to obtain higher grade crystals. Item grades are divivded into old, normal, magic, rare, unique, epic, mystical, and abyssal.
Let me show you how to make this gear stronger. You can raise the success rate of your enhancements by using black stones. If you want to use lots of black stones together, tap and hold hack cheat tools or the black stone you want to use. And of course, more valuable gear means needing more and better black stones to raise your chance of success. And you can only attempt enchancing from a success rate of 10% or higher. You can transfer the enhancement level to better gear items later.
If your enhancement fails, don’t worry. Only the item’s chance of success will reset. but for accessories, all enhancement levels will be lost, so be careful!
If you have a lot of abyssal equipment, auto select is the way to go! But be careful not to select any valuable gear you might want to keep. Tap absorb energy and i’ll pull the dark energy right out of your gear. how and where enter
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