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D38VK6 - resources (food)
v1PQvX - s-coins
uyjgMy - experience book
mfQCV2 - lucky box
ueeA5V - gear
lwiWME - secret mode code
ihecoW - luxury bag
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As a part of the rebellion, we need to rescue the people! Sail east we will go take Lisbon! Click hero avatar to use skills. Use skills properly and we will defeat pirates easily. Captain’s mana will increase slowly. Attack, being attacked, or defeating enemy ship will increase mana greatly. When mana is full, click the captain avatar to cast captain skill. A good commander must know how to build a resonable formation. You can adjust it in formation screen.

Black Sea Legend hack

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How to change fleets’ positions of front row and back row? Click the fleet that you want to change the position and drag it to another position.
We cannot go as the ocean is filled with mists. Only opens when the commander reaches a certain level. Total power - is the sum power of all captains, collect more captains and increase captain power to increase total power. Chase bonus code nKCZAa - you will enjoy bonus experience, due to the high server level (commander reaches level 20).

Black Sea Legend cheats, hack codes

1. IJJ25d - level up
2. EqaeiS - voucher
3. kOIGcF - shard
4. dizlxs - artifact
5. EsCz49 - characters

Black Sea Legend Characters tier list (A, S class codes, hack cheats):
YJQokO - Jang Geum: deals damage to the target and enemies 1 tile around, and reduces their attack for 10 seconds.
Tq1cHW - Hassan: deal damage to the current target, and stun them for 6 seconds. Control effect is effective to enemies below.
cV419x - Da Vinci. Recover HP for all our fleets. The recovery value is based on 37% of self attack per second.
Legendary captain Jack - OALWXp: trait AoE output, shock the world. Skill - deal tons of damage to all enemies and lower their attack.
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Henry Morgan - KP7Pb4: trait - high atk&silence. Skill: summon magic flame to attack and silence all enemies.
Raphael - QJnz1K. Trait - strong control wolf. Skill - summon frost air, attack and freeze all enemies. Banc code - 3JH42s: opened tons of silver coins and food.

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1 s02ANw upgrade
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6 2EYKJS gold coins
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8 MDi2ZM premium pack
9 AmUjzN legendary gear
10 MyXS0K vip ticket
11 UDx6nr gear pack

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Otherwise, excellent equipment, rich resource, pets and the goddess lend you a helping hand in the voyage. Building your century team with powerful captains to conquer the sea!
apO3n2 - fame
dnuXMC - daily sign in gift code
dnuXMC - lucky draw (draw 10 times to get a legendary captain)
KQ1waT - silver coins
t8z0m1 - brandy
wLsGEH - increase vip status
hZRHDZ - monthly card
zg8A0H - event pack
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