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How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
The desert nation of Muspelheim, also known as the Sand kingdom, lies in the center of the continent. Once an impoverished nation, Muspelheim developed a successful mercenary business training a new generation of soldiers and adventurers. As a result, it became a great, militaristic kingdom. many of its citizens aspired to become soldiers and adventurers themselves. In tandem, blacksmithing, which provided the soldiers and adventurers with high quality arms, also became a respected occupation.
This is the iron bird, a blacksmith located in a quaint corner of Santburg, the capital of Muspelheim. It was founded and run by your father, Ulrich, a court blacksmith who was recognized by the kingdom as a first rate artisan of his craft. However, when war broke out with the neighboring Albheim, Ulrich was sent to serve on the front lines, never to return...I'm Pitte, i'm a fairy that inhabits this workshop. We have a lot of work to do.
Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom Hack Basics
You could register as an adventurer and form a party at the adventurer's guild. Adventurers are allowed outside of town. ya know there are monsters outside of town, right? That's why regular citizens aren't allowed out without an escort. But adventurers are an exception. You can come and go as you please with an adventurer's Permit. Byt leave the safety of the town at your own risk.
The first step is to form an adventuring party. There are many new adventurers like you waiting to get started. You must create four party members who will adventure with you for the rest of the game. You can choose their names, codes, genders, starting classes and faiths. Except for gender cheats, all of these cna be changed in-game.
Adventuring on Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom is everyone's business. The item shop, tavern, infirmary. It's customary for new adventurers to intoroduce themselves to those whose support they'll be needin' throughout their career.
Hint & Tips
1. The infirmary has the following options: treatment and change faith. HP and MP do not recover automatically in this game. Treatment restores your HP and MP to full. Change faith allows you to change your character's faiths. Be sure to change your characters' faiths in alignment with class changes and the game's progress.
2. You can eat meals at the tavern once per day. Doing so grants EXP for your party members to level up, or use Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom hack tools menu and enter cheats. While defeating monsters in dungeons grants EXP, eating at the taver or enter codes grants a considerable amount and should not be overlooked. However, eating at the tavern does cost gold so be careful not to eat your gold away.
3. At the item shop, you can buy and sell items. The item shop sells consumable item for use in battle, materials to craft equipment, books for learning new crafting recipes and runes for upgrading equipment. The items available change based on the guild requests you complete and the game's progress, so be sure to check back frequently. Buying new books is particularly important for learning new things to craft, so look out for them. It may also be a good idea to sell unused materials and other items you don't plan on selling at the workshop.
Basically, Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom adventurers accept requests that come to the guild on a first come, first served basis. Requests can be submitted by townsfolk or even the state. The requests themselves can range from delivering items and exterminating monsters to gathering from and investigating dungeons. We call ourselves adventurers, but a lot of the time we're more like handymen, helping people out with their troubles.
The adventurer's guild has the following options: requests, training and change class. After accepting a request, complete its conditions and report back to the guild to receive your reward. Some requests are required to progress through the story, so be sure to complete as many requests as you can.
With training, you can learn and upgrade your character's skills. This will be extremely useful for battles, so be sure to do if you can afford it.
Change class & subclass
Change class allows you to change your characters' classes. You can change classes any time you come to guild or enter cheat code, so feel free to try out different class combinations to suit your needs and playstyle.
Additionally, you can assign a subclass to your characters upon reaching level 10. This is also freely changeable. Both main and subclasses come with specific skills and modify the character's statuses. Experiment to find good class combinations.
Dungeon tutorial
Walk up to and select gathering nodes in dungeons to get materials. The number of times a gathering node can be used depends on your current pickaxe rank (pickaxes can be obtained by progressing the game and from the special item shop). Treasure chests contain a variety of items. Some even contain special items, so be sure to open all treasure chests you come across.
Dungeons Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom are inhabited my monsters. They will chase you if you get close and initiate combat if they touch you. Monsters disappear when defeated, but will return after some time.
Battles are turn based, and you cna choose to attack or use skills, etc. Attack: a regular attack using the equipped weapon. Skills: techniques and magic that cost MP to use. Items: use consumable items in battle. Defend: incoming damage is halved until the next turn. Retreat: if successful, allows you to run from the battle. All attack: all party members use regular attacks. Auto: all party members fight automatically (both options can be toggled on and off). Targets of attacks and skills cna be selected by either directly tapping or using the select arrows. Defeating all enemies or escaping will take you to the battle results screen. By defeating enemies, you can obtain materials, items and runes, etc. Some materials are only obtained by defeating monsters, so try not to focus on gathering nodes alone.
Travel points on the edge of areas will take you to another area. Try to explore dungeons in their entirety. Be sure to make use of the minimap while exploring dungeons (the information shown on the minimap increases as you progress through the Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom).
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