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Free hack Blade Hunter cheats code list - pet, jewels, level up, promo ticket, blueprint, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Blade Hunter cheat world: in my dream, i was stunned by a shadow. i found myself in a small beautiful fishing village when i woke up. Adventure start in legendary place where dreams begin - Fog Village.
Where is your weapon, young man? It’s dangerous to be unarmed! Meet code menu and pick one you like! The weapon is always your most loyal partner during hunting!

Blade Hunter hack

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Using joystick to move. using skills will consumes energy, energy recovers naturally (enter cheat for unlimited). Before hunting, you must know the preparation before attack. You can see tracked quests on the right of the screen. If you click on the red text in a tracked quest, it will guide you to the relevant quest monster and NPC.

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Blade Hunter hack relics
Characters: Mage - are adept at using power of lightning to launch a ranged fatal attack! They can twist the space and use black hole to gather amounts of enemies. Marut - are adept at tearing up enemies swiftly and mercilessly! They can fade in shadow in a very short time to launch a fatal sneak attack.

Blade Hunter wiki
Boxer - strong body and unbending will is boxers’ most powerful weapon! They always rush to the front lines in combats, taunt and destroy enemies with the power of flame. Priest - excelling in necromantic magic hold a special space in Noah world. They curse enemies and heal allies with their skilled art of necromancy! Skills: Ghost territory - territory will continuously attack enemies to deal magical poison damage. Skull bomb - throw a skeleton bomb to a target. Summon skull - summon 2 skeletons, each dealing 30% damage for 10 seconds.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Train: all materials consumed will be returned after the pet is dismissed. Reforge to randomly refresh aptitude or growth.
    Multiplier dungeon drops rare equipment , and it is one of the main ways.
  • Accept planting quest from Leah and complete it to acquire EXP and coin rewards.
  • Stay online for a certain time to get rewards. Do not forget to claim your benefits.

Blade Hunter tips
    Tutorial Blade Hunter(wiki) :
  • Have a chance to enter rainbow island in rare treasure event.
  • You could catch pets daily in the pet island during 12:00 - 12:30.
  • Cumulative login 7 days, you can get a luxurious gift package.
  • Complete lord quest to get lots of experience and coin rewards.
  • Zodiac challenge grant 4P family constellation stones.
  • Endless cave drops rare jewelries, treasure and blueprints.

Blade Hunter tutorial

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  • 1. KZBkBxK98d9wCiu - gold
  • 2. c1mFhOjXJIH2K5z - jewels
  • 3. jrGV9xrTdXUOx6R - blueprint
  • 4. oHUEmDgRZMOgECC - promo code
  • 5. zAmrvZ9yhLApToQ - pet
  • 6. TwAE7WyhKUJ59ib - level up
  • 7. 2Tohobub10mYLMh - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. eiVJTxs4CX60i5i - premium pack
  • 9. I6fZNLZjGhaRsgE - chest
  • 10. FRpRh9AXYVYAzWr - vip ticket

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