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Free hack Blade of kingdoms cheats code list - evolve, speed up, gold, promo ticket, jade, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Blade of kingdoms cheat world: important message from the lord inside the palace. You have been ordered to defeat the evil yellow turban rebels. So, use the upgraded equipment to beat down the yellow turbans? Please select a stage. My lord, do you see the glowing button while the warrior is attacking? Click on it at the end of a normal attack to trigger a powerful combo strike. When combo strikes are successful, the warrior gains ATK speed up to x5! Practice makes perfect. It will help you in winning your battles.

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You have been given rank up material warriors. In order to rank up a warrior, you must fill up the rank experience bar. Rank EXP can be earned by using other warriors as materials, or via training. Please note that, the necessary rank EXP is different based on a warrior’s natural talent. If the warrior’s rank EXp is filled up, you can use warriors of the same stars as materials for ranking up. Ranking up is divided into inheritance rank up and random rank up. They vary greatly in outcomes. Inheritance rank up is conducted at the same time for the primary and material warriors. When ranking up, the primary character’s conditions remain unchanged. After ranking up, the warrior’s level, equipment level, skill level remain unchanged. Random rank-up is conducted not at the same time for the primary and material warriors. After ranking up, a random warrior will appear. The randomly appeared warrior’s level, equipment level, and skill level will be initialized. We’re grateful for the warrior exp and warriors obtained from defeating the yellow turbans.

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My lord, go now to suppress the yellow turbans, and show the world how active you are. Let me explain to you about internal politics and battles. The more civilians under your care, the more things you need to do. Complete civilian tasks from the civilian hall to earn materials.
The recruited warriors will help you in bring peace to this land. You must assign a warrior to oversee and manage it. The building time will vary depending on the assigned warrior.

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Instant complete costs jade or use hack cheats code. The food collected from farms will be used for buildings basic structures and expansions. You don’t need to move the warriors directly. Just use auto battle to sit back and relax. Equipment enhancement requires materials and gold. When a character’s equipment is enhanced, the equipment can be leveled up.

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