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Counterattacking is very crucial in combat. Trust your instincts and counterattack with perfect timing. Counterattacks are a bit hard, but it can turn the tides of battle. You can defeat multiple enemies with the skill buttons. To open a blocked path, you must suppress your enemy. Watch out for the charge attack by the sword captain. It will try to quickly approach you.

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Characters - press here to open your hero management menu. Enter the skill menu. You can check your skill information here! You can use more powerful skills by leveling up. You need SP to upgrade your skills. You can purchase SP if you need more. You can switch skills when you reach level 15. Create a combination that fits your battles best.

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Hero’s the ultimate skill is a splendid and very powerful skill. If certain conditions are met, the ultimate skill can be used. Press the skill icon to see the skill information and capacity. The higher the ultimate skill level, the stronger the effect becomes.

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