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Hello, i’m your instructor Edith. Is this your first battle? Attack to launch the first strike. Every card played consumes energy. You’ve 2 more energy to use. Every time your turn ends, unplayed cards will be discarded gu! Now it’s the enemy’s turn. The enemy has 10 armor. Armor can resist equivalent attack damage in battle. Now, it’s your turn again! Every time the turn begins, energy and your cards will replenish to their max. The enemy’s intention will be displayed on its top. It plans to attack you the next turn and it’s going to deal 10 damage.

Blade of Avengers hack

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Bottom bar- this is the HP of our heroes. Use defense to gain armor. You need at least 10 armor. Armor has neutralized the damage gu! Remaining armor will clear after the next turn begins.
There are 2 enemies this time! Drag the card to the left area to attack the enemy on the left. You’ve drawn a new card! Let’s see the card description. Use baste first to increase damage received by enemy!
We’re going to Huene in the north, Huene is the smallest city in Everwinter. The amount of soul beasts there might be less than that in Liger. We’ve been ordered to try our best to save Huene on our way back.

Blade of Avengers cheats, hack codes

The enemy has a new intent, gu! In the next turn, it can not only deal damage to you, but also grant itself armor! Every time you defeat an enemy, you can select new cards to join the deck. Wisely select or discard cards to craft your best deck. Note that these new cards can only be used in the current maze. Once you leave the current maze, these powers will disappear. Tap the card to view the detailed info. The selected card will be added to the deck and used in the coming battle. Use cheats codes and hack tools - Select forget to remove 1 card from current deck!
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The opportunity to forget cards is quite valuable. Be sure to use it properly to make your deck more powerful. Cards: Boomerang - the next card played this turn will return to the top of the draw deck (only cards that enter the discard). Baste - fragile: physical damage received increases by 50%.
Tap gods to buy blessings, potions and card and boost your power. You can also tap forget to remove some unnecessary cards. You can forget 1 at a time but the price will gradually rise. Select forget to remove 1 card from current deck. By removing unnecessary card, you give more opportunities for your key cards.

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