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Select character: Jin - descendants of the Black Tortoise. They are characterized by their intelligence, diligence, curiosity, and most importantly of all tenacity.
Lyn - descendants of the Kirin. WIth their innately acute sense, they can overcome any physical disadvantage they might have against other races.
Yun - descendants of the graceful Funghuang, a mythical bird. Comprised of only females, they are a mystical race attuned to nature.
Gon - descendants of the Dragon. They value courage and strength, but can be quite intimidating to other races due to their destructive nature. Cheat code wEDyOnI2 - unlock secret character Rij

Blade&Soul Revolution Masters: Force master - can deal heavy ranged damage, attacking multiple targets at a distance. If you want to use dazzling skills against a larget group of enemies, the path of the force master is for you.

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Blade master- have a wide range of attack and block skills. Even ranged enemies pose no threat for them, as they can quickly close the gap between their targets. If you want a versatile and well-rounded class, the path of the blade master is for you.
Kun Fu Master - have powerful combination attacks to counterattack or force their opponents into submission to render them defenseless. If you think can take on a challenge, the path of the Kung Fu master is for you.
Destroyer - may be slow, but are formidable melee fighters, nonetheless. They can grab staggered enemies and even protect themselves with iron armor. If you wish to wield a giant axe against your enemies, the path of the destroyer is for you.

Blade&Soul Revolution cheats, hack codes

Hongmoon pass: WCdSnTnK - obtain essence of passivity. Check-in to clan, donate to clan on the clan info screen - yAHlV65c. Check in reward: blade & soul revolution launch celebration - special login bonus, get an ascension support chest that provides superior weapons and a special celebratory training Dummy headgear just by logging in for 7 days. Support chest - 2zt4yUw3, use cheats codes to obtain all of the following: silver, healing tonics.
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Skills info: use stone shield to deflect enemy attacks. When you block an attack you can relatiate with stone strike for heavy damage. Glide over the floating rocks and enter the cave. Jump and tap the glide button to get to the other side.
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