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Blade XLord Game story: one who is guided by the Blade. The great battle draws near, and you will entrust your soul there. Which is why you should choose. I bestow my power unto your fate. Zylarg, the dark Grimlok its indomitable powers engulf people in terror as it casts the continent into a maelstrom of warfare. The Alabaster Dragons under Heathbell’s lead had finally driven Zylarg in a corner after three arduous years of battle.

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Blade XLord basics: this looks like it’s going to be a tough battle. Ryde, do you remember how to use your skills? You can tap on a battle skill when the skill icon lights up. There are 4 types of battle skills so use them at the right moments. Looks like the brave gauge has filled up. This will allow you to use your allies’ brave skills. Use skill to cast a barrier against the enemy’s attack. Now we can endure any attacks! Time to launch an all out attack.

Blade XLord cheats, hack codes

Consider elements and roles when forming parties. Form your party on the start screen! Create parties that suit the quest. Form parties with ease using auto form. Try using auto form to start yourself off! This feature will create a party based on the selected criteria. The feature will automatically be opened now, so give auto form a shot.
I’ll explain how to use tactics before we fight some Grimloks. We’ve got to form a good team. Swipe the skill section to the right to inform your allies of your strategy. The enemy doesn’t look strong, so you can leave it on individual attack. Swipe left to return. You can switch up your tactics to suit the situation! Use the right strategy and take on formidable opponents.
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Time to jump into a battle! You can rush in to attack by tapping the center of the screen. You’ll often be distanced from enemies when a battle begins, so make use of the dash attack! Make sure to keep your HP up in consecutive battles. You can use items to heal yourself in battle. Don’t forget to regularly heal yourself using items.
There are three types of units: attack, defense, and healing. Create a well balanced party to make progressing through quests easier.
Some skills are more effective when the enemy is attacked from behind. Move by swiping in any direction you want near the center of the screen.

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