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Free hack Blank City cheats code list - stamina, evolve, legendary gear, promo ticket, summon ticket, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Blank City cheat world: all denizens of the prefecture vanished, and the dreadful demons spawned there. This incident became the first “Vanishment” to be recorded. After the incident in Gunma, similar cases started to occur in other settlements of the world. But these demons were always been supressed by the descendants of the Guardians. “Miyazawa” family - Japan, “Liu” family - China, “lich” family - switzeland, “Ansley” family - USA. These guardian families have fulfilled their duty as guardians over thousand years.

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They then crystallized themselves and to awaken on the destined day. And passed on the duties to their descendants. These guardians however, were requested to gather up to deal with the crisis. And this happened 3 days ago. To the unfortunate place. Where biggest vanishment in history happened.

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Hey Captain, i’ve been waiting for you. Wait a minute. I think we’ve got a problem. I known this is abrupt, but we have a battle ahead of us. These demons have crawled all the way here. SHizuka joined the operation not too long ago. Let’s help her out! Touch the screen and drag to move Shizuka. Tyr using your balde to attack. Dodge is as important as attacking. Choose a direction, and then touch the button on the right.

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IF you fail to do anything, you’ll fall to the ground, and become vulnerable to enemy’s attacks. Use skills: Insignia skill is a strong skill which instantly blasts the enemies with massive enemy. use insignia wisely as it takes time to recharge the enemy. Platoon skill - activates when tagged. Cheats increase stats: hp, attack damage, defense and penetration damage. I’ve prepared a special beverage which will be helpful in battle.

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