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Select race: Aqua elf (starting point Dreary Valley downstream) - these banished elves dare to challenge their destiny. Successors of thousand year old magic, aqua elves are not afraid to fight in order to prevent their fall.
Pantera - a warrior race that only values physical strength and power. Originally, they were divided into tribes, but since Shazahan Murabi appeared, they built a strong empire at the desert fortress, Shakara.
Bless mobile race Masque (starting point Dangerous steel plateau) - the strangers from another land in a search of a new home. Aside from being seasoned merchants, they also posses numerous high end technology that Heron and Union envy.
Habichts - the sacred empire has brought light to the dark era. Followers of the great emperors Harman and Eiger, the Habichts value courage, fame, and chivalry.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Select class: Mage - a staff wielding ranged spell caster specialized in destroying enemies with overwhelming magic.
Berserker - a two handed axe wielding melee damage dealer who excels in attack rather than defense or evasion.
Paladin - a hybrid melee attacker and healer wielding a club and shield specializing in survival and healing.
Guardian - a melee damage dealer with a one- handed sword and shield defending allies from attackers.
cheat, Step #2: Skills:
Thunder and Lighting - channels the energy of lightning and strikes the area in front with 4 bolts of lightning.
Divine Explosion - gathers holy energy in a cone in front that strikes once. Knocks the targets down.
Hammer of Justice - channels strength onto the weapon and swings it forward to strike the area in front twice.
Punish - gather divine energy and stikes the area in a cone blast.
Bless mobile code, Step #3: You can accept and complete main quests by touching the quest area located on the left side of your screen. The archangel, a trustworty companion who grows stronger as the player progresses, has been unlocked. Archangel - this is a page where you can see you archangel’s stats and enhance them. You can level up your archangel with archangel souls stones, and you can raise it to the next stage through awakening. Right side - information regarding archangel soul stones which are used to enhance archangels.
There are a total of 3 different types of archangel soul stones. At the maximum level of each grade, awakening quest button will be displayed. By registering archangel soul stones which are used as material for leveling up archangels, you can check the changes in stats through the stat windows at the bottom of the screen.
Touch the confirm cheat code button to have your archangel absorb Archangel soul stones to raise your archangel. The upgrade becomes finalized during the preview, and the growth of your protector will be displayed on the result screen.
Step #4: Join a guid: At guild HQ, there are different activities such as guild esclusive quests, crafting, and fishing ground. You can raise the guild HQ level through the HQ guard NPC in guild HQ and new content will be unlocked depending on level.
Guild achievements is a challenge given to the guild and members will work together to earn the rewards. As the guild level rises, multiple challenges can be performed at the same time, and higher the difficulty the better the rewards.
In the guild shop you can use guild tokens to buy individual items or use Bless mobile hack / cheats codes, use guild resources to buy buff effects for guild members. Guild token and guild resources can be obtained through check ins, guild donations, and guild contents.
Guild storage - when you perform certain guild contents, items will be rewarded and will be stored in the guild storage. Items in the guild sotrage can be distributed by an officer, the item will be sent by mail.
You can enter the exclusive dungeon only when you are in a guild. An important dungeon where guild members must co-operate to defeat a powerful boss monster, or battlefield with largescale combat with other guilds.

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