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Seventy-four years ago, a meteorite came through Jupiter straight to Earth. In response to various emergencies, countries have established the Earth Joint. To reduse the burden of the Earth after the catastrophe, people enter underground shelters equipped with basic life cycle systems, avoiding natural disasters in sleeping pods and waiting for the Earth to complete self-repair. At the same time, Earth jointly established the Horizon, and selected the best people from the elite in various fields to form the 11-level Management Committee to manage it. Earth Union has into a long silence...What poses a deadly threat to the planet, however, is a mysterious virus. The virus spread...And turned its infected into zombies! With humanity fading quickly, those who remain live in fear and despair... Horizon was tasked with setting up the C01-06-13 Bio-Engineered Army, codenamed Pesticide, to defend against the zombie threat. The formation of Pesticide marks the beginning of humans' struggle against the zombies. Shelters all around the world are attacked by wave upon wave of zombies. Humans are starting to lose their ground...Shelter 961MT is under attack!

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hack Blood City Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Wake up! Up, now! Quick! Can't you hear me, daggone it? Get out of your sleep pod now if you want to live! Zombies are everywhere outside! It's not safe here! Shoot, they are attacking the hatch...Time is running out. These guys'skins are too thick and they have no nerves that register pain. Without some special weapons, they are difficult to defeat. Everyone, the plague has ravaged us and displaced us from our homes, yet even under such difficult conditions, your determination to survive has never wavered! This tenacity for life is most valuable in this post-apocalyptic world.

cheat Step #2: In our search for a suitable place to live, we have found a target: a ruin not far from here, I promise we will create as good an environment as possible for everyone to live in. I ask that you trust me and join us. We need good companions like you to support one another through these difficult times! Compatriots, we are one. Virus or calamity, nothing can separate us!

code Step #3:Commander, you can use Speed Up items to improve your efficiency. According to the Shelter's safety assessment, you need to upgrade your City Hall as soon as possible. According to the camp's overall safety level, you now need someone to manage and bolster the defenses of the Wall. Candidate found. After analyzing his profile, Eve recommends ex-police chief Charles to upgrade and manage the Wall.

Blood City Step #4: Commander, based on the current hormone levels of campfire party participants, the establishment of the army and improvements made to the Wall have increased the people's sense of security and belonging by 78.65%. Eve recommends you join the party too. Your vital statistics indicate you need to relax! Based on statistics, fine wine can help you recruit more heroes. In this world, you can always find an eager worker at the Bar as long as you have money.

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  • A regular civilian holding a baseball bat. Swinging it a few more times gives decent results. Zombies are harder to deal with than humans with regular weapons.
  • Commander, we can use both devices together with our UAVs for our next step in our mission. It would be easy once Cid drivers an engineering vehicle over rigth now. Come on, Eve. We've got to build a Radar Center.
  • Radar Center - We can use it to survey the area around us and react to any changes in our surroundings. Deploy Mapping Engineers from the Radar Center to map areas, explore ruins, and scout enemy Shelters. Send Mapping Engineers to explore areas covered in mist.
  • Commander, the Mapping Engineers will begin exploring this area. You can receive relevant news at the Shelter's Radar Center. You will have to develop the camp further to face future challenges.
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