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Free hack Bloons TD 6 cheats code list - towers, heroes, money, promo ticket, new levels, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Bloons TD 6 cheat world: the bloons have taken over your town! Stop them from getting through! Place a dart monkey to get started. That was easy right? Tap play to start the next round. Popping bloons earns your characters experience. Your dart monkeys have enough to unlock an upgrade. Each hero type has 5 upgrades in 3 paths. You can upgrade your existing heroes with the upgrade.

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You’ve unlocked the upgrade, but still need to apply it to the monkeys in game. You have an activated ability! These create powerful temporary effects to help you win. Choose carefully when to use them however as each one has a cooldown before it can be used again. YOu have permanently unlocked upgrades but still need to apply them to your heroes each game. Tap a character to apply upgrades.

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