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Warriors came to the deep forest forders to catch demon Queen by the order of Lena instructors. But those friendly Ents don’t seem to be normal. Demon queen, hand over the energy of the core device, or we will be unkind to you. Tap the button continuously “>” and move the character to the front to pick up the weapon. Tap ^, adjust the shooting angle to red pointer. After use, consecutive launch three bombs.

Bomb Masters hack

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Congrats, you completed a Corps mission, go to claim the task rewards (gold, fashion hat, experience). As level grows, the army will have more quests to you. Fashion can not only dress up your look, but also contains some battle attributes. Hurry to put on fashion and feel the difference. Use cheat code -you have opened combat equipment. Go to strengthen and advance it, you can get more powerful ability. Do not forget to complete your daily quests.

Bomb Masters cheats, hack codes

Arena: free battle, training center, ladder 1v1 battlefield, free team pvp. Rank promotion so quickly, good job! Higher the rank, greater the contributions. Let’s go to improve your rank. Privilege: hack vigor 2 times a day, use alchemy, join the team expedition, receive 200 vigor from friends a day, buy rune explorations, devil training, finish loop quests quickly, reset Boss and elite challenge.
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Boatyard - there have powerful enemies and monster which are very difficult to deal with. The team is a good way to strengthen our own strength, call your buddy and go to see it. Team recruitment - is about to launch the old trace (easy) dungeon’ challenge. Go seek master to challenge to gether. Victory conditions: defeat all monsters. Failure - our team all dead rounds > 40 rounds. Dr. Kane put the fragments of weapons around the world. If you can collect enough fragments, you can activate the weapons and upgrade weapons here.

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Skills: Song of Gale - deals a wind strategy damage of 600 to the target and bind the target for 2 rounds (blound target’s mobility -1), damage effected by the lord’s attributes. Surge Voyage - increases speed and mobility for a single friendly. Armor piercer - deals a damage of 135% ATK to a single enemy and restores 300 rage.
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