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1. 8tugbCJJ2A - lucky box
2. ohcTqs6R0k - skill points
3. 8fQ0O1SsYM - secret mode
4. o2XwOcWksd - luxury bag
So, you want to hear a story, eh? A tale of adventure across the stars? Come, listen to old Cheat-on! Have i got a story for you! My tale begins here, on this backwater planet called Pandora. Some say it is a wasteland of greed and violence - and it is! But if you’ve got skills to pay the bills...Pandora is full of opportunity!
Vault hunters. They brave the merciless Borderlands in search of secret alien treasure. My father told me tales of vault hunting when i was but a little Marcus boy - and now, i tell you.
So, you ask, what treasures do the Vaults hide? Fame? Wealth? Power? Or maybe nonsense like “charity” or “family” - i don’t know. Use your imagination. Whatever the prize, a vault hunter must have the determination to seize victory from the jealous hands of fate. Now, my story is about a very special band of vault hunters, who have only just started their journey.

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They are bold, and hungry! maybe old Marcus tells you this story because they remind me of you. Just a little. Don’t let it go to your head. These new Vault hunters are answering a Siren’s call. Her name is Lilith, and she is a hero! Savior of Pandora a dozen times over! Lilith is recruiting a team to hunt for a map - a map that leads to Vaults all over the galaxy. But she is not the only one.
Dark forces have gripped the Borderlands - a new threat, unlike anything the galaxy has been before! My story begins right here on Pandora, with our new Vault Hunters, their Siren leader, and, most importantly, me...

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1. Y8KGBzGxtQ - level up
2. QaPcDgP128 - voucher
3. t6R2B38F8B - shard
4. QUvKE4KCVA - artifact
5. jOpC1c9rVk - honor

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Characters: Amara - unleashes her elemental Siren powers to hold enemies and pummel them in battle.
FL4K beastmaster - works with their animal companions and special skills to feed on the nightmares of their enemies.
Zane operative - deploys gadgets to control the battlefield through misdirection, spatial manipulation, and a sour disposition.
Moze gunner - summons her iron bear battle suit to shield herself while unleashing a salvo of death on her enemies.
Objective waypoint - the diamond icon on the minimap, or in world if you are close, is your waypoint. The waypoint gives you the direction to travel towards to find your next objective and secret location. Crouch under low obstacles with B or use crouch to duck behind barriers for cover.

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Mission tracker - the objectives of your mission are displayed underneath the minimap. new objectives will be shown as you get further into the mission. Firing modes: many guns have an alternative fire mode.
Shields - you’ve received your first shield cheat codes. Damage inflicted upon you will first be removed from the shield. If your shield goes down, it will recharge a short period of time. Be on the lookout for stronger shield with special abilities.
Leveling up permanently increases your health. It also immediately gives you full health and shield. Most importantly, you’ve unlocked your action skills. You have three action skills to choose from. View and equip your skills by pressing menu and navigating to the skills screen.

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1 Hq8jJRKgiu upgrade
2 2SzM8QjmRO gem crystal
3 tFwDB1QVlk characters
4 CnwBixHfjr promo code
5 LuhhzcSFws gift box
6 pN6IZKirOA gold coins
7 zW962PC9TC month card
8 kAC2xi35GT premium pack
9 fRXAjBGcFh cosmetic packs
10 cde3HzIddt vip ticket
11 MO1uk84FAh weapons

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • The inventory lets you view all of that sweet loot you picked up in the world. You can use this menu to compare and equip items that you've found, such as guns, character mods, and more! You can even inspect items to learn more about their stats and manufactured, or apply skins to weapons.
  • Using the backpack button takes you to your backpack to see all unequipped items you have as well as items that can be consumed, such as heads and skins.
  • Currently equipped items can be individually selected, letting your swap out your guns, shield mods, and more. Selecting a slot will highlight relevant items in your backpack depending on what can and cannot be equipped.
  • The contents of your backpack can be sorted based on the filters at the top. Selecting an equipped item will also filter out items that aren't relevant to that equipment's slot.

Borderlands 3 tips
Hack cheats tutorial Borderlands 3(wiki):
Group mode - is controlled by the group’s leader and cannot be directly changed once in game. Joining other groups will always set group members to the mode the leader has chosen.
Cooperation - every bit of loot you find is dropped for you and unique to you (instanced). Your teammates can’t take your loot. You can play with anyone of any level at any time.
Coopetition - classic Borderlands rules. Discuss who gets loot ahead of time, or don’t. Just vacuum all that loot and deny it existed in the first place. We don’t judge. We also don’t level balance in this mode. if you are level 20 and your level 5 friends joins your game, you better protect them, or don’t.
Borderlands 3 tutorial

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Controls: controller forward movement - toggle whether forward and backward movement should be inverted while using a controller.
Stick inner deadzone - adjust the inner dead zone of the controller’s left stick. This option determines how much input must be given to the stick before the game receives the input. Increasing this value may help correct input that is received even when it is not physically applied to the stick.
Axial deadzone - increasing this value will weight input more strongly towards up/down/left/right as you get closer to those directions with the stick.
Borderlands 3 tips to repair
Select difficulty - difficulty is specific to your character and can be changed at any time in the options menu. Normal mode - pulls no punches. This is the difficulty the game was made for. You’ll need to consider your gear and skills to survive. If you’re experienced with shooters, want a hard won story experience, or just want to give the bad guys a sporting chance, you want normal mode.
In easier mode, you may find you’re harder to kill. If you’re new to shooters, want to experience the story with less of a challenge, or simply want to feel like more of a badass as you mow down your enemies. Easier is the setting for you. It’s no cakewalk, but you won’t break the bank buying New-u’s Borderlands 3 Activation code:
1. hKTEGuu16y
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3. W5YAVntFD2

1. P4i8mZ0QTJ
2. GKrWlEvnG1
3. J9S68GRJIb

The ammo hack cheats planel shows how much of each weapon type’s current and total amount of ammo you are carrying. Keep an eye out for when you need to restock at a vending machine!
Borderlands 3 Skills: Amara can choose from multiple action skills to start. Amara’s action skills can be used to trap enemies, fight from a distance or get up close and personal with deadly Siren efficience. Equip one action skill to activate Amara’s siren powers in battle. Skills codes are organized into different hack tress, representing different playstyles. Cheat trees contain actions skills, augments and passive abilities.
Fast hands - Amara’s reload speed, weapon swap speed, and mode switch speed are improved. Phasecast - Amara sends forward an astral projection on herself, dealing damage to everything in its path. Phasegrasp - summons a giant fist that bursts from the ground and locks the targeted enemy in place for a few seconds. Some enemies are immune to being Crasped and instantly take damage instead. Phaseslam - leaps into the air and slams the ground, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and knocking them up.
Borderlands 3 Passive ability Personal space - weapon shots deal bonus damage based on the distance to her target. The closer the target, the greater the bonus. Transcend - gains increased accuracy and critical Hit damage for a few seconds after activating her action skills. Do Harm - killing an enemy grant Amara a stack of rush. Activating her action skill consumes all rush stacks. For every stack of rush consumed. Amara’s action skill damage is temporarily increased.
Leveling up grants skills points. Borderlands 3 Skill points can be used to purchase passive abilites and progress further into a specific skill tree. how and where enter
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