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Never though the battle will take place here. Don’t matter. SHow me what you’ve got. Enemy has summoned ground creatures. Units moves and occupies nearby grids. Drag a card from your hand to the battlefield to summon creatures. Soldiers move and flight automatically. Defeat enemy units to occupy more grids. Cards consume mana tools, which regenerates with time. Every card has a mana cost. With enough mana, you can use several cards in a row.

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When creatures reach the top of the battlefield, they disappears and the grids become locked in. When the grids are locked-in, they become difficult to occupy. Occupy all grids to win battle.
Enemy has summoned a flying character? Flying creatures do not occupy grids immediately. Summon archers to attack the flying units. Summon Dualwielding minotaur and archer for a coordinated attack. Summon soldiers with high health points to protect your damage dealers and create an advantage.

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Use area spells to wipe out groups of creatures. Your spell has wiped out most enemy characters. Capture the remaining grids. Send out the strongest card characters, combine them into perfect army, and march to attack your enemy. Whoever takes over the land or gets the most area (territories) is the winner. Six minutes real-time match: In 360 seconds, you can complete a battle, and compete to raise your rank at anytime, anywhere.
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Stages quest: the civilized city states were thrown into chaos when the cataclysm took place on the day of sundering. To restore the royal house and order to the realms, Leonis has embarked on a solo quest to recover forbidden arts. Leonis - descendant of the royal knights, he believes in light and order, dedicated to create a civilized utopia where law is upheld by all. Attributes: fire, light.

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Hero tier list: Astrid, Marshal of the legion. Close range attack, ground creature. This creature can boost the movement and attack speed of surrounding ally creatures. Upon entering combat, it charges and deals double damage to the first enemy units it encounters.
Dracula, the vampire - deals damage to its target and while regenerating its own HP. It permanently transforms into a flying creature once its HP is below half.
Mallertiz - has a low movement speed and high HP count, It reduces the attack and movement speed of surrounding enemies.
Carlodonnie code - upon entering combat, this hero summons 2 rainforest cheetahs beside it and attack together. When attacking a single target, this creature has high attack.
Gaia hack - upon death, it continues to restore HP for ally units surrounding the location of death.
Serra - has hig movement speed, high attack and launches semi circle AoE attacks to targets in front of it.
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