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I got a call from home. My dear grandfather, was suddenly admitted to the hospital. The theater grandpa has run for more than fifty years also faces the possibly of being shutdown. With all these happened at the same time, what should i do. Although Grandpa’s life is not in danger, the doctor advised him to rest. After getting the full details of the matter at the hospital i immediately rushed to grandpa’s cinema. I’ve been around to help manage the theater after grandfather went into the hospital.

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Come, there’s something you should know, someone hired gangsters to scared off people. We don’t have films on air at the moment because bad guys have been threatening studios not to give us. Speaking of, this is the antique Eagle picture is threatening your grandfather to hand over. We don’t even have a studio nor actors at the moment. We still have some loon left to build a studio, is the first step toward realizing our dream. The film industry association has heard of our startup and sent us dollar to welcome us to join the industry!

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We have our actors and studio, so let’s start making movies now! According to the letter from FIA, there will be some grants available if we meet certain criteria. For example, as we are making a film for the first time, there will be a special reward for us!
Good, let’s shoot a few movies to practice and make some startup money at the same time. Let’s wait until we have a strong foothold, then we can complete against Eagle picture.
We contacted several screenwriters, pick the script first! We have to choose according to market condition. After all, taste varies between people. However, investigate the market requires building the marketing department.
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Then what we have to do now is to arrange actors for the characters in this script, remember to choose the artist according to the script requirements. But we don’t have enough artists. We’ll just have to find interim actor for the other roles. using extras without paying. Smart move! Although we don’t need to pay by hiring extras, it’s not a long term solution (with the movie god mask we are able to see the attribute each artist brought for the movie and script).
We’ll wait until the movie hits the big screen and then we’ll search for more talent. We at least need to find a leading actress for the next movie.

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  • Most people enjoy watching big scenes and epic stories. As our business grows larger we will be able to buy better scripts and shoot bigger scenes.
  • Some actors have played too many of roles recently, and the audience is a bit aesthetic fatigued.
  • The film will continuously bring you profits. Remember to collect them!
  • The continual profits come from box office in other regions and sales of souvenirs.
  • Upgrade the artist's skill step by step to make better films.
  • We need to deepen our research on market to make profit.

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  • Start with marketing promotion plan to raise company awareness and make money at the same time.
  • Big business starts with small details, so let's grab as much market share as we can from the local area first and get more people to pay attention to our company's movies!
  • First of all, we have to start with flyers.
  • You can open a branch office once the city is fully claimed.
  • Build own film studio, sign up rising film stars, become a great director.

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Units: Isabella - half a month ago, after she calculated the frequency of the female characters in Hollywood, she resolutely decides to change her name accordingly. Her determination to enter the film circles at all cost moved to company’s talent scout.
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