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. Android game Brave blade cheat hack code - stamina, vigor, gold, godly summon recruitment, plutus cat, code gift, star chests, diamond, promote pill (New York, Unated state).

In AD 2116, the Earth was harassed by large waves of alien mutants. To save the Earth from this crisis, humans awakened the soul of ancient weapons. The awakened Martial souls built the holy city after repelling invasive mutants. The lad started a journey together with his companions to the holy city, on a mission to aw unfortunately, the alent mutants in ambush scented what's going on and spared no effers in. The sky earth diagram and his party killed alien mutants, and brought the child of destiny in his coma back to the holy city. It's where the legend of the chaos era is started...... Brave blade – summon codes
Physical attack warrior – learn the wordsmanship of the universe to become invincible and gain the strength to avert crisis; melee physical attack. Magical – inherit the ancient lance soul, gleaming even in the desperate situation; AoE magic attack.

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Brave blade – hack code cheatsyou're the child of destiny prodicted by Mr Sky Earth Diagram! You will rule all martial souls to defeat the mutants. You are the last option for the shild of destiny. I am your guide in Holy city, you can call me cheat-on. In arena, players reaching certain ranking get extra rewards. Complete specific stages to get chests. Tap formation – here you can change heroes and equipments. Don't forget to upgrade every day! You need to fight with different people and a tutor. Go to recruit hero in the holy city to hire some strong heroes.

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Brave blade: skill unparalleled
Skill holy shura sword – deals 137% damage to enemies in the front line and boosts dodge rate of all teammates by 15% for 2 rounds. Drag Huohuo to the second row, then your formation is done. Do your best to avoid healing received direct damage from bosses. Food court offers four meals a day. Don't miss out. Tap the domain skill icon to telease the skill. Hero's upgrade materials drop from dungeon. Clear all dungeons of the chapter with 3 stars to claim all chests. You can get diamond, vigor potion and other rare resource from star chests. Training pill dropped from dungeon is the only item to upgrade character's quality.

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1. Mcluph1pYf - stamina
2. 4NTelWtNIF - vigor
3. lVhksLMk9N - gold
4. z1YvC2ptg4 – godly summon recruitment
5. V62T3ZRJyQ – lutus cat
6. qrRCvxSpqT - code gift
7. T6tWY7z68U - diamond
8. 9efIHA1Os7 – promote pill
9. HznYAl71jR - evolve
10. sAcrK6MWl3 - resource materials

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