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This is the story of a peaceful kingdom plunged suddenly into war. And brave warriors, who fought the ultimate battle between light and darka, awakening mythical creatures to fight at their side. This is a story of victory and defeat, a tale of heroes and monsters. Join these brave warriors and fight to protect this land, because only you can decide how this story will end.

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The abyssal lord is running towards the castle. Move the paladin to the front row to protect your archers. Hit low health points enemies with spells for a quick kill. Tap the affinity chart on the right side of the screen to check your troops’ characteristics. Learn the strengths and weakness of your troops and use them to your advantage.>
Hit the mages with a fire ball! By the way, fire ball is only available once per battle. Use it wisely.

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Heroes: Paladin - is textbook example of a hero: strong handsome, and righteous. When the Abyssal war broke out, his strength and valor led to many successful expeditions. With a hammer in hand and the light as his shield, the Paladin quickly became a shining beacon of hope.
Mountain king - a master hammersmith and warrior, the Mountain King wields his tool of the trade with fierce zeal both at the anvil and in the fields. During the Abyssal war, he blew through enemy hordes like a wild tempest and was eventually crowned the lord of the ridges. With him at the helm, the retaliation against the invaders is only just beginning.

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Troops: Longbowman - archery is easy; just draw, aim, and fire! Well, at least it is easy untill your target is trying to kill you.
Infantry - thick skin and thicker armor. Frontline tanks. Cavalry - fast and mobile. Perfect for flanking enemy ranged units. Ranged - powerful at range., The bane of infantry. Mechanical - can attack from extremely long range. Support - ability to heal friendly units and summon minions. Beast - has high critical rate or taunting abilities.

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  • Royal magician's fireball spell can hit up to 3 targets at once.
  • Infantry units are equipped with anti cavalry weaponry to deal heavy damage to cavalry units.
  • Infantry units can withstand cavalry units' frontal charge attacks.
  • If you ever spot a chest, be sure to pick it up.
  • The compendium awards you with diamonds when you complete achievements.
  • Training is cost free; you don't need to spend any resources. Don't skip leg day!

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Check your quest journal to find out more about a quest and its rewards.
Cavalry units can quickly overwhelm unguarded ranged units.
If your enemy has reinforcements, hold your spells until they arrive.
Castle - the most important building in your kingdom. Upgrade your castle to unlock more buildings. Tap and hold on a building to move it to another location.
Brave Conquest tutorial

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