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Welcome to the trezes land. Tap on the event or land to move. A character EXP mines has been found. If the Diamonds entrenched here are cleared, the mining can begine. If you occupy the character EXP mines, you can get resources from it when you are AFK. There are daimons everywhere, so you need to recruit companions. Altar and cheat code panel - heroes can be summoned as partners here. Summon type: basic - get 1-5 star heroes, heroic - higher chance to get 5 star heroes, friendship summon - exchange kudos with your pal chance to get 2-5 star characters. Add the summoned partners to the team.

Brave Dungeon Roguelite RPG cheats, hack codes

1. ARD6JeRs - skine
2. 5Y4DJNLQ - gold coins
3. Enter JYspa5P7 - tier up
4. Pass GPXx5x0R - friendship points
5. MWIQPf2a - heroic summon
6. Enter W2d0SXc4 - maximum upgrade
7. ojDukiEp - speed up
8. G9hmMKn7 - 5 stars hero
9. F3J34C56 - rune
10. SXohI4cB - shards
11. siLqVvn3 - artifact
12. rH0LIJSt - gift pass
13. iPHvK6qx - game coupon code

Battle: In the adventure world, you can encounter a lot of interesting things. Upgrade heroes to raise stats. The higher the star level of a hero, the stronger the stats. The occupied mines will continue to produce resources - tap to claim. Collect a lot of heroes to activate Bonds. Max anger can enable skill of artifact. Once triggered, it may even turn the tide of the battle. Remember, you can obtain massive value rewards in guild collection.

Map Brave Dungeon Roguelite RPG hack tools: a pile of bones was scattered on the ground, and the top of the head was engraved with runes that went deep into the bones. Although the runes on the bones are no longer complete under the erosion, they still make you feel palpitated.
Challenge the endless tower to get hero advantage stones and team experience.
The portal is connected to other areas, so explore bravely.

Basics: Activating artifacts can increases stats of the whole team and get artifact skills. You got artifact when you killed the ogre. That's very good luck! But there are more daimons ahead. And you can have no way out but to move forward.
Kill monster marked with two swords to obtain EXP & coin. Special quest - there are some stronge people and things with special quest here. Complete the quest to obtain special reward. Exit - find exit firstly if you wanna leave the dungeon.

Power up Brave Dungeon Roguelite RPG cheats code: mine - get coins from each mining point in adventure. Coin challenge - get coins from the coin challenge in daily dungeon. Dwarf's treasure - coins can be got at regular intervals in dwarf's treasure. Endless tower - challenge endless tower to get coins. Hero expedition - challenge all levels. The higher the level, the more coins you'll get.

Brave Dungeon Roguelite RPG gift codes, hack, note.

Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Can't find the target, don't know what to do? You might as well follow the red dot.
  • 2. The chronos gate can replace the hero with the hero you want.
  • 3. Complete map quests to get rewards.
  • 4. Occupy many same mineral resources and improve output efficiency.
  • 5. There are at least N different matching heroes in the array to trigger the effect.

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