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Bravely Archive cheat world: it was a moonless dawn in the year of the black dragon. A huge meteor raced across the heavens, slamming into the center of Luxendarc. The blaze of fire in the sky left a gaping crater in the ground, followed by torrential rains that fasted for seven days and seven nights. Fragments of the meteor fell across the world amid the downpour, creating visions of rainsparkling with glowing lights. This calaclysm came to be called the Hammer of dawn by the people of Luxendarc.
Once the rains subsuded and people ventured out to assess the damage, they found a massive, glowing stone. To most who beheld the giant stone and its fragments, they were nothing more than beautiful rocks.

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But it is said that some who touched them saw visions of legendary heroes, while others gained strange knowledge of the distant future. Men and women of ability gathered to the stone, though to be a vast repository of knowledge and history spanning the past, present, and future. An institution known as the Anastasis library was founded to study and manage the enormous stone, soon known as the archive. Amid the silent struggle, a solitary traveler arrives in the city the Anastasis library calls home. Will the hand of fate guide him to the truth?

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Defeat the boss and collect material stones. But the ruins are filled with a wide range of violent creatures. It would be foolish to go in alone. I figured you might be able to use them since the crystal responded to you. Instead, you can summon heroes from their memories imprinted in the crystals and have them fight for you. Let's see what you can do. When you come into contact with enemies, a battle begins. Let's talk about battle. Flick on a hero to choose an action. Skills vary depending on the hero and the hero's level.

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If you hit an enemy with consecutive attacks, it will become a combo. The more hits in a combo, the more damage you'll do. When the enemy is up in the air, you can do a downward attack for a damage bonus. Or you can hit the enemy with more upward attacks to float them higher for even more damage with your downward attack. Each action consume a destiny stone. YOu get a new one for each defeated enemy. When all your destiny stones are gone it will be the enemy's turn to attack.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: there are several kinds of destiny stones. The effects can help you do major damage, so make sure you use them wisely. Normal jewel - normal action; attack ruby - doubles physical attack power for that action; magic amethyst - doubles MATK; all topaz - targets all enemies; life emerand - restore HP after the action; twin jewel - performs the action twice. Attacks with low upward force aren't enough to float large enemies. YOu can use special attack when the gauge is full.

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Tutorial Bravely Archive (wiki): Use the summon menu at the bottom of the screen to summon hero. Summon new heroes and organize your very own party. Tap on the arrow button to view recommended heroes. Once you summon a new hero, remember to add the hero to your party.

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