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Bravely Default II Game story: fire, water, wind and Earth. Four crystals to keep the world on an even keel. Their guardianship, the sacred duty of the royal family of Musa. But then, one day, the kingdom is overrun and reduced to ruins, and the crystals taken by force. Things have not been the same since. The nations of the world have been beset by countless odd occurrences. But all is not lost. Princess Gloria was able to flee the destruction, and has since resolved to restore all four crystals to their rightful place. And in so doing, fulfil her duty as the sole remaining scion of her ill-fated line. Her quest has been an aruous one, but she has made some friends along the way...

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The hero of our tale - a sailor washed up on the shores of this world from parts unknown. The name of this young wanderer? Seth? A scholar seeking to unravel the mysteries of a book bequeathed to him by his mentor. The irrepressible Elvis. And a young mercenary hired by Elvis to help him find the mysterious stones known as Asterisks. The delightfully dangerous Adelle. We join this motley band of adventurers as they arrive at last in the city of Savalon after an exhausting trek across the searing sands...

Bravely Default II cheats, hack codes

Progressing through the game: use L to move around, Hold B while moving to run. Press X to open the menu. From the menu, you can check and change equipment and jobs, save your game and much more. The “!” icon indicates a person you’ll need to talk to in order to advance through the main story. If you’re stuck, try pressing R to get an overview of the area in case there’s someone nearby who can help you. As you proceed through the story, you’ll occasionally come across people who are in need of help. These people will be indicated by the “...” icon. Talk to them in order to offer your services.
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There are five jobs already available to try at the beginning of the demo version: freelanced - an all round adventurer, white mage - a restorative magic user, black mage - a battle magic user, vanguard - a defensive warrior who can bear the brunt of enemy attacks, monk - an offensive warrior specialising in physical attacks. Try picking a new job from jobs menu. You’ll be able to pick both a main job and a sub job for each character. As your job level increases, you will acquire new active and passive abilities. Active abilities are attacks or spells that must be selected in order to be used in battle. Passive abilities simply need to be activated in the abilities menu, and you’ll be able to enjoy their benefits automatically in battle or wherever else you may be.

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When certain conditions are met during battle, powerful special moves can be performed. The conditions in question are based on party members performing particular actions a certain number of times. For example, freelancers can work towards special moves simply by performing regular attacks, while Monks will need to use martial arts moves. how and where enter

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