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Free hack Brawl Smash cheats code list - speed up, resources, energy, promo ticket, champion shards, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Brawl Smash cheat world: we can repair your castle. You’ll be able to expand your kingdom once we upgrade your castle. Let’s take a look at your goals. Use wood to repair the damaged castle. Build alliance hall - join or start an alliance to play with friends. Deploy your troops onto battlefield and destroy the enemy guardian towers and then the castle. Steal their resources!

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At the forge you will use star crystal to improve troops with permanent upgrades. Star crystal can be found in combat with other guardians, quests and bosses. Become a Guardian of your Kingdom. Build defenses, maintain resources, and cultivate food supply to fuel your troops and upgrade your land.

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Welcome to the champion hall! Here you can unlock new heroes earned from collecting shards be defeating bosses. Celeste - winter’s wrath: fires an AoE b;ast that freezes troops in place for 4 seconds. Lilith - piercing strike:draws her sword, boosting health and dealing 2 times damage. Valeon - shield of justice: creates a defensive shield around himself and allies. Tyrion - polar Vortex: draws in targets and deals massive AoE damage.

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