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Dear Barbar, welcome to join us on Brawl tribe! In order to provide a better game experience, recharge is available in this open test. Once you recharged diamonds during test, you will get 200% diamonds rebate when we officially launched our game. That is, if you enter cheat code - 1000 diamonds, you will get 10000*200%=2000 diamonds in your account when.

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hack Brawl Tribe Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): use big eater - healing increased by 30% while picking up healing items. Frost - 50% chance of using frost ring under impact, deal 30 damage to nearby units and add freeze status; freeze target after stacking 2 layers of ice.

cheat Step #2: Enter hack tools - out of combat speed up: movement speed increased in out of combat status. Regen increased - mushroom HP regen +20%.

code Step #3: Use Chubby doggie: skill - critical hit, attribute: skill critical damage increased by 8,7%; attack critical chance increased by 7%. Every Chubby doggie is like a big ball. No one is sure whether they're dogs or cats, but savages love them as all food is delicious to them.

Brawl Tribe Step #4: BarbarQ - loose savages are fond of mushrooms, living happily in a risky world with exhaustless strength. HP - 280, Skill - roll running, talent - big eater.

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Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Enter cheat - #M4NLljelo :mushroom hala pack case (treasure box). Mushroom hala rewards tribal warriors with treasure boxes full of durable gears and sometimes you'll find rare ones in it.
  • 2. Hack list: wave-winged helmet - #H3RziouLC thunder-shroom - #VCf8oAnuU villus bracer - #vBJQVM4CA church gear case - #HhP43jWa7 lava dagger - #l4e46hjEk church weapon case - #xb04bBYWN libra gloves - #zoWJ3YsNp pet chest - #yhmWkze5X wild ox-pig - #WyxyeGjex gruff tortoise - #FSHAP4mN7
  • 3. Use code - #2tUjh5A9a: unlock hero K.K. Lion - son of head of the man-biter. A meat-eater, two pigs for every meal; scrappy and obsessive of victories; an adventure enthusiast and a hotspur without any sense of directions.
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