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Why does a man seek out fortune and danger? Is it to provide for his family? Does he do it for love? Maybe he just has nothing to lose...Some, they do it to themselves. They like it, they’re good at it. Whatever your reason is...It’s time to build your empire.

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements hack

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Well, well. How does it fell to be on the outside? I’m Saul Goodman, your attorney. You’re probably thinking: this degree of legal expertise must be wildly out of my price range. And you’d be right. However, your buddy and i cut a little deal. So, from now on, your could say i’m invested. Before we talk, let’s put someone outside to keep watch.

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attack and defense: watcher - fires accurate, medium range shots. Mine - explodes on contact. Lobber - throws high impact grenades. Gunner - strikes multiple targets with a hall of bullets. Camp - allows you to recruit squad units.
Construction: cash truck - supplies cash. Cash, bricks storage. Stash - protects your resources during an assault. Body shop - upgrades units and gadgets.
Breaking Bad Criminal Elements wiki
A squad consists of a specialist and a selection of armed units.
if you’re in a bind, we got this thing called Mercury Fulminate. It’s crazy explosive. Use it to take out enemy defenses.
Looks like our targets are huddled up in that van. If we can find a way to take it out, the fight’s over.
Lab - this thing here is where you get your precursor. Power it up to get more precursor per hour. That’s the biz: cooking, selling and getting rid of the competition.

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11 GywhHIYmYdWIzkJ precursor

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • You can always speed things along if you're willing to pony up.
  • Free phone - contains a specialists upgrade consumable or sim cards.
  • Free builder - Heisenberg has given you a free extra builder for 365 days. You can now double construction is your Chempound.
  • As your business grows, you'll need to set up more storage for your resources. Always remember to keep building and upgrading.

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements tips
Hack cheats tutorial Breaking Bad Criminal Elements(wiki):
  • Recruit and Manage Your Team – Each Specialist you recruit features unique abilities to aid in attacking, defending, producing resources, and strengthening your influence.
  • Construct and upgrade new buildings, generate resources, and defend your operation from rival outfits.

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Breaking Bad Criminal Elements: gold, specialist, bricks, cash.

1. Roman - skill pumping rage: when shooting, your specialist has a 30% chance to renegate health by 40% of the damage they inflict.
2. Saul Goodman - valuable connections: increase the cash reward for completing contracts.
3. Gems can be earned from the arcane cauldron.
4. Earning trophies allows you to reach new floors in the citadel. The higher you climb, the more cards you can discover.
Breaking Bad Criminal Elements tips to repair
Quests (activities):
Collect bricks from your bricks truck. Place a cash storage and truck. Remove obstacles from your chempound.

Enjoy your special reward:
- gold courtesy of Heisenberg. That’s enough cheddar to get a solid head start building your operation.
- Enjoy Jesse’s pack of specialist upgrades and the equipment needed to train a formidable network of chemists, enforces and fixes.
- You get a burner phone courtesy of Saul Goodman and associates, giving you a chance to recruit a rare elite specialist.
- Albuquerque’s notorious attorney Saul Goodman has joined you as a specialists.

Achievements (claim gold): techie - obtain 5 pieces of gear. Head over Heels - upgrade headquarters to level 2. Piece of work - clear 5 obstacles. The best defense - complete 3 defense units.
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