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Hack Broccoli World: cheat List
keys - use hack #aDevxdocK
credits - enter pass #lc2Efeolz
costumes - #Km1rKoykX
password - #VToJx3QzF
5 limited package - #Mogv7PW1L
5 new heroes - #e3czzUKfV
1 Month Card code - #cszh5UR5M
upgrade cheat - #oO6k7wO6j
pet - #vBJtwZ98R
weekly gift bag - #k8kTwMb2w
secret combination - #nZwrXSh5W
level up - #qA8QJpzyC
premium booster - #FSLLjWyRU
special reward - #1H2Oi8hby
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Game Story
I’d recognize that head anywhere. You're just in time to save us from that mozzarella stick in the mud, Mt. Cheddarest. He's blocking the road to the green city. He's had too much cheese today and he's about to blow. We have to find a way to stop him from destroying Broccoli World. It may get tricky in there so if you're ever stuck try talking to everyone in town. I'm sure they'd be happy to help.
Broccoli World Hack Basics
Keep traveling east and you'll run into that stale old fondue pot. He's been spewing his cheese sauce all over town. I hear the only way to calm him is with a super beer made up of five special ingredients. Legend has it, the ingredients are buried deep in a cave in the northwest corner of town, but it's been locked up for years. I hear you're on the hunt for a lost key? Check out the boarded up bar in the middle of town. I happen to know the password, its "Bananaversary".
Hint & Tips
1. The story goes that the key opens up an old mine shaft that contains five magical ingredients. If blended correctly they will create a super beer that will quench the thirst of even that fiery queso quagmire. If you help me clean up some of these seltzer cans, i'll let you search the bar for the key.
2. Blender of many colors - you'll use it to make a super beer for that no gouda Mt. Cheddarest. Come when you find all five ingredients and we'll mix it up. I hear all the ingredients are locked up in the cave, in the NW corner of town.
3. Once you find all five ingredients, you'll have to get past the "baby stroller of doom".
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Broccoli World Redeem gift code
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date20 September 2020
Last Modified20 September 2020
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