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. Android game Bugmon Defense cheat hack code - resources, gas, gold, tactic points, diamond, shield, trait, finish now (speed up) (New York, Unated state).

Welcome heroes! Thank you for coming to rescue gingerbread friends. Let's defeat bad monsters in stage. Click the door. You can play any stage on the new floor. But ladder appears only when you clear them all. Drag and drop a unit on a tile to deploy. Requires tactic point when deploying units. Unit can automatically attacks the enemies on the same lane. When bugmons approach, it rays critical laser team once and is destroyed. After the anchor is destroyed, mission will fail if bugmons approach again to skyhawk. Get tactic point when slaying enemies. Melee unit can be healed by tapping it when green aura activates. After healing once, should wait to heal again for cooldown time.

Bugmon Defense cheats android, ios hack codes

Bugmon Defense –  hack codes
New commander arrived to the base camp. Construct barrack to create your own aforce squad. Recruit characters by using recruit menu at barrack. Ro-ckaat is a range unit rifle firing bullets at a distance. Deploy Ro-ckaat as far as possible from enemies. Shots a grenade for splash damage for every 15 attacks. Tap the unit icon to put it in the squad. Learn antarctica diplomacy as commander's trait to bring more units from friends. Duperman is a melee attacker using a long sword. Duperman can attack from 1 tile away as attack range is long. Recommends to move back 1 tile and attack again when the enemies are approaching.

Bugmon Defense - secret code hack tips

Bugmon Defense –  cheats secret bug
Get tactic points for every 10 seconds or hack cheat codes. Upgrade barrack to increase maximum aforce squad size. Range unit can attack from a distance. Completed the mission and got contributions for north America region. Gold will be given according to your contribution. Upgrade gas refinery to refine faster and collect more gas. When gas is refined enough, collect icon will appear. You can have gold up to as many as maximum capacity of gold storage. You get 1 trait point when you level up. You should upgrade precedence trait first to upgrade selected trait. You can change selected unit in case you have multiple units in the same unit slot. Tap the change unit button to select the next unit.

how to enter hack cheats Bugmon Defense.

1. ANTgBAeXZp – unlimited resources,
2. 2m2pXwPgmk - gas,
3. qHWKy27sdn - gold,
4. DSOAWqX6Id – tactic points,
5. 424tODC705 – finish now (speed up,)
6. j4wAyK0iX8 - diamond,
7. 7NTK1jxDCy - shield,
8. OsKqOGGfsI - trait

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