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Cheat Build a Shelter hack android, ios code

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Hack Build a Shelter: cheat List
total income x300% - use hack mXuIpe7Dz
game speed x10 - enter pass BjzrslzfJ
diamonds x5,000 - CuGmsZFFW
unlock world map - uckiTqFJv
resources - I3p2tCw6s
restore energy - uFfLrhLVz
Month Card x1 code - q4oeDKA8F
upgrade cheat - aodMrhZ3E
daily gift bag x10 - gC9tdxohm
secret combination - RB84lfwGX
level up - 27v32x5a0
survivors x9999 - QOKcyZ5ik
gold coins - SrDpxcPX6
special reward - 3DXxeb2M4
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Game Story
The world is suffering from a zombie crime. More and more people are getting infected. Building shelters is the last hope of mankind! Let's build a power station first and bring light to everyone. Employees are in place and start making money. The higher the level is, the faster you can make money! God, zombies are coming! Please get ready! Tap the screen to attack the enemy. There are more and more opponents. Let's upgrade employees and beat the zombies! Today's focus is to build the shelter, train employees and keep upgrading facilities.
Build a Shelter Hack Basics
What's wrong with the world? Where does the virus come from? I'm a bit confused. But anyway, now i have a relatively safe place to stay. I'd better hurry up and get the shelter well set up. Complete the shelter by putting up a totem in its center. This will scare off zombie and evil spirits. The shelter must be protected by walls on all sides, while the entrances should be covered with doors or hatches.
Hint & Tips
1. Upgrade the technology when it's available. There are loads of benefits.
2. Open airdrops and instantly get 1 hour income.
3. Many minerals are deep underground. Mark a downward sequence of blocks to dig a tunnel.
4. Protect homeland - defend agains zombies. Forge weapons - epic arsenal awaits. Base construction - build facilities for buffs. Explore world map - collect various resources.
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Build a Shelter Redeem gift code
1. iC6K0eloZXQtMQo
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Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date14 October 2020
Last Modified14 October 2020
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